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The Gary Null Show – 10.09.19

Google and Wikipedia: The Internet’s Voice for the Corporate Deep State

Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD

Progressive Commentary Hour, October 9, 2019

Google is undoubtedly the single most powerful IT corporation without second in the world. The firm possesses the world’s most popular search engine, which has been given Congressional protection to abide by internet neutrality and to avoid ideological or political favoritism. Yet in recent years Google has also become a highly effective political machine; for example, in 2016, its algorithmic searches manipulated results favoring Hillary Clinton’s campaign. As one of the internet’s major gatekeepers it has the power to scrub sites or reduce their exposure, burying them in the lower abyss of its search engine. This is notably the case for sites dedicated to natural health information and scientific data that support complementary and alternative medical therapies. Some of these sites have managed to continue for many years ¬†without any significant criticism such as and GreenMedInfo.

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