Ask Beatty – 03.19.19

1.  Are you creating the life you want?  Take this test and find out. This test will help you create the vision in 7 different areas of your life.   2.  Have you heard the term digisexuality?  Did you happen to read about the man in Japan who recently married an anime hologram, a ROBOT that he built himself?  Is …


Today On The Ask Beatty Show At 3pm EST: Have You Ever Heard of Digisexuality?

Neil Mcarthur is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba. He is the co-editor of the book Robot Sex: Ethical and Social Implications (MIT Press, 2017). He has written about sexual ethics and alternative sexualities for VICE, the Globe and Mail, Time, and other outlets. He is also …


Ask Beatty – 03.12.19

1.  Reaching out for help when your life is in shambles.    2.  Are you doing what is in your best interest every day?   3.  My guest today is Dr. Alexandra Solomon, a licensed clinical psychologist at the Family Institute at Northwestern University, author of Loving Bravely:  20 Lessens of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want …


Ask Beatty – 03.05.19

1.  Are you on track this year by  engaging in activities and behaviors that are in your best interest? 2.  Everthing you wanted to know about therapy. 3.  Interesting mental health research findings.   TO LIFE AND LOVE , XXXBEATTY Download Here


Ask Beatty – 02.26.19

LET’S TALK ABOUT PATRIARCHY AND TOXIC MASCULINITY AND HOW WOMEN ARE CHANGING THE TRAJECTORY My guests today are Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider, authors of Why Does Patriarchy Persist?  We explored in depth the various reasons why patriarchy does in fact continue to persist and discussed the many changes that need to occur in our educational system and in society …


Ask Beatty – 02.12.19

LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX    1.  How are we really doing in the bedroom? The results of this study may surprise you. 2.  The 10 issues that will make or break your sex life. 3.  REMEMBER…..nothing at all is off limits as long as BOTH you and your partner feel safe and comfortable.  4.  My guest today is KIMBERLY RESNICK …


Ask Beatty – 02.05.19

1.  Have you started 2019 doing ALL the 20 things that are in your best interest? 2.  Falling in Love..with a robot or a dog?  Listen to Beatty’s analysis of why we all need love and meaningful connections. 3.  The 80 Year Harvard study on happiness.   The results may surprise  you. To LIFE AND LOVE, XXXBEATTY Download Here


Ask Beatty – 01.29.19

1. Are you go about your days and nights, are you doing what is in your best interest or are you engaging in self-sabatoging and self-destructive behaviors? Your answers to my comments and questions may surprise you. 2. The Joy of Being a Woman in her 70’s. NYT. BEATTY takes exception to the author’s view about sex after 70 for …


Ask Beatty – 01.15.19

1.  Are you on the right path as we begin 2019? Take my test and find out. 2.  My guest today is Jonathan Alpert, psychotherapist, author of BE FEARLESS:  Change Your Life in 28 Days, columnist and national media expert guest.   … Is psychotherapy really effective?  Our discussion and research findings might surprise you. …How do you know if …


Ask Beatty – 01.08.19

2019…NEW BEGINNINGS   1.  Beatty’s suggestions for taking care of your old and new unfinished business that continually gets in the way of your life and relationships.   2.  Are you following the Gary Null protocol for maximum health?   3.  30 Lessens for Loving.  A must read book by Dr. Karl Pillemer, PHD.   4.  Evidence based research to …