Ask Beatty – 01.15.19

1.  Are you on the right path as we begin 2019? Take my test and find out. 2.  My guest today is Jonathan Alpert, psychotherapist, author of BE FEARLESS:  Change Your Life in 28 Days, columnist and national media expert guest.   … Is psychotherapy really effective?  Our discussion and research findings might surprise you. …How do you know if …


Ask Beatty – 01.08.19

2019…NEW BEGINNINGS   1.  Beatty’s suggestions for taking care of your old and new unfinished business that continually gets in the way of your life and relationships.   2.  Are you following the Gary Null protocol for maximum health?   3.  30 Lessens for Loving.  A must read book by Dr. Karl Pillemer, PHD.   4.  Evidence based research to …


Ask Beatty – 12.18.18

1.  Are you nurturing your inner child by doing the things that are in your best interest?   2.  DIRTY JOHN…BRAVO’S RECENT SERIES.    3.  Dear Melania…..   4.  Your Relationship Bill of Rights    Happy Holidays.   To Life and Love, XxxBeatty Download Here


Ask Beatty – 12.11.18

1.  Daily reminders that enhance our lives and relationships.    2.  The exercise prescription for depression,  anxiety and stress.   3.  My guest today is Dirk Burrows, Manager from the 94th and Broadway New York Sports Club in New York City.   Find out the best ways to begin and maintain a regular exercise routine regardless of your age or stage …


Ask Beatty – 12.04.18

1.  Take this quiz during the first 10 minutes of TODAY’S ASK BEATTY SHOW.  As you go throughout your days, are you engaging in CONSTRUCTIVE or SELF DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR? Your answers may surprise you!   2.  Hear what scientists have to say about the relationship between LONELINESS and opioid addiction.   3.  My guest today is Marty Vargas, media owner, …


Ask Beatty – 11.27.18

1.  Are you committed to doing these 20 things that will make your life happier? 2.  How effective is psychotherapy? The results of a variety of studies may surprise you. 3.  My guests today are 2 extraordinary women. They have successfully turned their adversity and trauma into establishing organizations and programs to help individuals who are coping with HIV, intimate …


Ask Beatty – 11.20.18

1.  20 things that we can do every day to improve the quality of our lives emotionally and physically. 2.  Today’s show is dedicated to our Veterans…the men and women who sacrifice their lives for us every day. 3.  My guests today are:  Anne Akers, Veterans Advocate  and Special Advisor to Operation Warrior Shield.   She is also the Director of …


Ask Beatty – 11.12.18

1.  Are you taking care of yourself? DO’S AND DON’TS . 2.  News You  Can Use. 3.  The Power of Being a Woman in Today’s World. The #MeToo Social Movement.   See what we have already accomplished. My guest today is Cheryl Benton, aka the ‘head tomato’, founder and publisher of Three Tomatoes,  a digital lifestyle media platform for ‘women who …


Ask Beatty – 11.05.18

1.  Are you on a constructive or self destructive path? Take Beatty’s test and find out.   2.  A QUESTION FROM ONE OF MY LISTENERS.  Should I throw away my memorabilia from a  toxic marriage? 3.  IS YOUR THERAPY AND THERAPIST HELPFUL OR HARMFUL? Seeking therapy can be one of the most important decisions an individual, couple or family can …


Ask Beatty – 10.30.18

1.  Are you taking care of yourself every day?  Recent research findings about how journaling can be helpful in coping  with depression and anxiety.       2.  What the world needs now is love sweet love.  Beatty discusses the recent Pittsburgh synagogue tragedy and reads commentary from Rabbi Michael Lerner and columnist Philip Eli.   WE ALL NEED TO …