Ask The Blood Detective – 08.03.19

Dr. Wald teaches you what you need to know to eat right and avoid foods that some say are healthy, but may not be. Dr. Wald can be reached for an in-person or distance patient consultation by calling 914-552-1442 or email him at:   Download Here


Ask The Blood Detective – The art of getting and staying healthy

The art of getting and staying healthy is fundamental for maintaining health or curing disease. According to Dr. WALD, “most people are aware of healing tools such as diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, stress reduction and other lifestyle factors, but if you understand the psychology of health focus and generating health by proper decision making. Join Dr. WALD, the Blood Detective, …

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Ask The Blood Detective – Does intermittent fasting lower cardiovascular risk?

Does intermittent fasting lower cardiovascular risk? Can inflammation be lowered by intermittent fasting efforts and how is this measured? What nutritional supplements and foods improve intermittent fasting results? And finally, how should you do intermittent fasting to maximize weight loss efforts that actually improve your life span? Download Here


Ask The Blood Detective – Aging Backwards

Everyone must age but how we age matters. Join Dr. WALD as he talks about different anti-aging techniques including fasting, ket Phenol foods, Low thyroid, absorption, pH, toxicity, inflammation more. Dr. will be calling 914-552-1442. You may email him at: Download Here


Ask The Blood Detective – Doomsday health mistakes that you make everyday

Are you healthy? Are you taking the right steps each day to insure that you are building your health? How do you know that you are doing the right things? Join Dr. Michael Wald, Blooddetective, as he reveals the worse mistakes that he has seen over his 30-year career as a holistic doctor. How to choose your supplements, how many …


Ask The Blood Detective – Hypothyroidism – Everything that you need to know

Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid), is the most common hormonal disease in woman and men in the United States. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common autoimmune form of the disease.  It often goes undiagnosed for years, robs you of your energy, thinking, stamina, promotes weight gain, fluid retention, increases your cholesterol, weakens your bones and may shorten your life. Dr. Michael …


Ask The Blood Detective – Cancer and Nutrition – does it work!

Cancer and Nutrition – does it work!   There is no specific cancer diet. This diet is meant to support overall health and wellbeing and is not to be considered as a substitute for sound medical advice or specifically for the standard of care (treatments) for you or anyone with cancer. Cancer is a complex disease that involves genetics, diet, …


Ask The Blood Detective – you will die of this….

YOU are going to die of this” is a radio show within which Dr. Michael Wald, the BloodDetective, describes the 12 leading causes of death in United States. According to Dr. WALD, “if you know what you might likely die of you can plan to delay the onset of your death. There may be no guarantees, but you may reduce …