Visionaries – Brian Francis Culkin

Our guest is Brian Francis Culkin, writer, cultural theorist, and film director. Brian’s books include: – The Meaning of Trump – Postscript on Boxing – There is No Such Thing as Boston – Conversations on Gentrification – On Heroin, Spontaneous Reflections – The Problem for Men Find more at:  https://www.brianculkin.com   Download Here


Visionaries – Our Fragmenting Culture

Starting with “Merchants of Truth” by Jill Abramson we look at our fragmenting culture anthem movement from feed to seed, and the antinatalism movement.   Download Here


Visionaries – JOHN DAVID EBERT: Part 3, Myths and Movies

Continuing our conversations with Ebert, here we apply mythological insights to movies. Our discussion includes “2001: A Space Odyssey” and its relationship to “Solaris,” “Apocalypse Now” and its origins in the Odyssey and Heart of Darkness, “The Truman Show,” and “Blade Runner.” Download Here



Ebert is a major intellectual figure, the author of over 20 books which you can find on Amazon and 600 videos you will find on YouTube. Here we talk about Ebert’s intellectual foundations — books on mythology, media studies, German Idealism, Post-Modernism, etc.   Download Here


Visionaries – WHO IS JOHN DAVID EBERT? Part 1

“WHO IS JOHN DAVID EBERT? Part 1.” Ebert is a major intellectual figure, the author of over 20 books which you can find on Amazon. You can find his essays on Cultural-Discourse.com and CinemaDiscourse.com, and his lectures on YouTube and Google+. Ebert puts together Spengler’s approach to culture, McLuhan’s approach to media, and Campbell’s approach to mythology to give us …


Visionaries – “Things I Can’t Talk About.”

“Things I Can’t Talk About.” I was going to talk about archetypes and Spiritual Feminism, and then the cover item in the New York Times Book Review was about psychedelics, and I thought I would talk about that also, and then I realized that both were dangerous topics. Psychedelics are illegal, and I have been warned off of talking about …


Visionaries -“Archetypes and Movies, Part 3.”

“Archetypes and Movies, Part 3.” More of our usual digressions, and then we pick up on movies, looking at “Puzzle” and “The Wife,” and then at female revenge movies. More on those, plus “Lucy” next time.   Download Here