Visionaries – Rachel Fulton Brown

Our guest today is Rachel Fulton Brown. Rachel is an associate professor of Medieval History at the University of Chicago. She writes: I am the professor your other professors warned you about. I love Christianity, America, and the Western tradition of theology, art, philosophy, music, letters, and education. I believe in the reality of truth, beauty, goodness, and love. I …

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Visionaries – The Canon Wars (Plus Eve Babitz) October 21

More on what we might all be reading (or in my case, audio books I’m listening to). With thoughts on the “canon wars” promoted by the death of Harold Bloom. We discuss his idea of “swerving” (deliberately misreading an influence) and his terrific book, “The American Religion” in which he looks not at what denominations people belong to, but what …


Visionaries – What is our culture?

What is our culture? For me in the late 1950s it was books – Gide, Freud, culminating in Mailer’s Advertisements for Myself. Then in the early 60s it was foreign films – Bergman’s Wild Strawberries, Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, Antonioni’s L’Avventura, and most of all Godard’s Breathless. Then in the later 60s, rock music – The Beatles and the Stones, …


Visionaries – Books on my phone

Today we look at some of the books on my phone. “The Code: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America” by Margaret O’Mara reviews a history of computers familiar to those who have followed the industry for the past 50 years. “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World” by David Epstein presents powerful insights into creativity and performance, debunking …


Visionaries – MJDorian on Salvador Dalí

Today we discuss the creativity of Salvador Dalí with MJDorian (Milosz Jeziorski), an award winning composer who writes music for film and television and blogs about creativity. In 2016, he took on the identity of MJDorian: a faceless music producer who wears a poltergeist mask which obscures any indication of age, race, or gender. Look for his blog, Creative Codex …


Visionaries – Liminal Dreaming

Jennifer Dumpert, a dream hacker, explains how to explore liminal dreaming for creativity and spiritual inspiration. At the edges of consciousness, between waking and sleeping, there’s a swirling, free associative state of mind that is the domain of liminal dreams. Working with liminal dreams can improve sleep, mitigate anxiety and depression, help to heal trauma, and aid creativity and problem-solving. …


Visionaries – Hypermodernity – 07.15.19

Hypermodernity and the End of the World” by John David Ebert and Brian Francis Culkin, preface By Michael Aaron Kamins. This new book follows the sweep of cultural history from Modernism to Post Modernism to Hypermodernity. It looks are how the Internet is upending our world are we know it, fragmenting all. Kamins writes in his preface: “The Book of …


Visionaries – Raymond Storms – 07.08.19

Raymond Storms is a Reiki Certified Psychic Empath who is able to see, hear and feel energy. He works privately with clients in New York City and abroad helping them free themselves from energy blocks, thus allowing them to dive into the beautiful sea of Love that is waiting for us all. Raymond has learned to live more in the …


Visionaries – Books I’m listening to. – 07.01.19

Today we discuss: “A Politically Incorrect Feminist: Creating a Movement with Bitches, Lunatics, Dykes, Prodigies, Warriors, and Wonder Women” by Phyllis Chesler. “Red Harvest” by Dashiell Hammett. “The Robots Are Coming!: The Future of Jobs in the Age of Automation” by Andres Oppenheimer. “Explaining Postmodernism (Expanded Edition): Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault” by Stephen R. C. Hicks. “Possible …


Visionaries – Brian Francis Culkn on ayahuasca and globalization

“Brian Francis Culkn on ayahuasca and globalization” Our guest is again Brian Francis Culkin, writer, cultural theorist, and film director. Today we talk about his new book, “THE AYAHUASCA DIALOGUES: globalization, plant medicine, and the healing of the human heart” that he co-suthored with shaman Ricardo Amaringo.   Download Here