Alternative Visions – The 2018 Midterm Elections: None Dare Call It Victory

Dr. Rasmus evaluates the results of the 2018 midterm elections last Tuesday and the Democratic Party’s ‘Suburbia Strategy’ which produced less than historic average gains in the House of Representatives and major strategic losses in the Senate. The consequences of the now 54 Republican majority in the Senate are discussed—including Trump’s attacks on Mueller and Dems backing off impeachment. Also discussed are the continued voter suppression during the election in key swing states like Florida, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and how Republican governorships remain in firm control in these swing-voter suppression states. The ‘blue wave’ did not materialize, while the tide in the ‘red states’ continued to flow is the main ‘takeaway’ from the election and the picture is more polarization to come. Rasmus critiques the emerging ‘bipartisan lovefest’ between Trump and Pelosi, and the consequences of Democrat bipartisanship under Obama and why it is a trap for Democrats. Why the Democrat party strategy—i.e. suburbia targeting, Russia, and Trump personality—revealed in 2018 midterms, plus bipartisanship, will prove a failure for Dems in 2020 if continued. (For more details of the critique, read Dr. Rasmus’s latest article, ‘None Dare Call It Victory’, at his blog, jackrasmus.com, and other public blogs).


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