Alternative Visions – Grass Roots Organizing Against NAFTA, Trump’s Wall, Deportations & Union Busting – 11.22.17

Dr. Rasmus invites guest, Alan Benjamin, one of the organizers of the forthcoming ‘Binational Conference’ of US and Mexican activists to be held December 2-3 in Carson, California (just south of Los Angeles). Benjamin discusses the themes of the upcoming conference: anti-NAFTA, opposition to Trump’s Wall & deportations, attacks on farmworkers in US and Mexico, the Driscoll Co. berry boycott, farmworker union busting in North Carolina tobacco fields, national boycott against cigarette giant, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, and the corporate anti-union open shop movement growing in the US.  How organizers of the various movements—both in the US and Mexico—are coming together in Carson to build a united front of resistance, with union labor councils in California (San Francisco, LA, Sacramento, etc.) in full support.  Rasmus and Benjamin also discuss the pending Pelosi ‘deal’ with Trump on a ‘Dream Act light’, in exchange for their parents’ deportations and for Democrat Party support for funding of Trump’s Wall.  Rasmus and Benjamin discuss intensifying attacks on workers’ rights in the US, Mexico, and beyond and activist plans for future post-conference actions. For information on the Conference, go to http://hermandadmexicana.org  or call conference organizer, Xelha Lopez at 714-541-0250.

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