Alternative Visions – Trump’s $34 Trillion Deficit & Debt Bomb

In the second half hour, Dr. Rasmus explains how Trump’s economy ensures trillion dollar deficits for the next decade, and how even official sources are projecting US debt to rise from current $22.5 trillion to more than $34 trillion by 2028, resulting in an annual interest payment on the debt of $900 billion. Rasmus shows how total US debt—including state and local governments, the central bank, special agencies, etc.—is now more than $50 trillion. How US defense spending ($1 trillion total a year) and Trump’s 2018 tax cuts ($450 billion a year) are the primary sources of the deficits and debt. In the show’s first half, a review of global events are discussed, including Brexit negotiations in Europe, Neocons scuttling of US-No. Korea talks, Trump’s attack on the US Federal Reserve central bank, and a look at the business interests behind the darling of Democrat progressives, Beto O’Rourke.


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