Alternative Visions – US & Global Economy Fact-Check & Trump Attacks on Fed

Debunking Trump’s latest claim that the ‘US Economy is Roaring’. Facts about trends in US consumer spending, retail sales, manufacturing and wages per latest data. Rasmus then discusses what’s behind Trump’s continuing and escalating attack on the Federal Reserve and his growing demands that the Fed starts reducing interest rates (now that Trump has bullied Fed chair Powell into halting rate hikes). Myths about central bank independence and inflation targeting debunked. Background on Trump’s nomination of Steven Moore as Fed governor and Moore’s hack economic theories. Moore and 2nd nominee to Fed, Herman Cain, as Trump sycophants, as Trump stuffs his government with second and third rate appointees. What’s happening in European and China economies. Will China’s latest stimulus work? Why last week’s rush into global bond markets has temporarily stabilized.


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