Alternative Visions – US Neocons: ‘They’rree…Back!’ + Initial Analysis of US 4Q GDP 2018

Dr. Rasmus analyzes US Strategy to invade and enforce regime change in Venezuela now underway. How Neocons who gave us the Iraq, Libya, and other fiascos are now back and once again running Trump foreign policy (i.e. Bolton, Abrams, Miller, Lighthizer, Navarro, etc.). How financial measures by the USA were (and are) used to wreck Venezuela’s economy and how the US plans to invade Venezuela with proxy forces and US special forces already on site in Colombia and Brazil. (For more details read article posted on PRN and at jackrasmus.com blog: ‘Financial Imperialism-The Case of Venezuela’). Rasmus explains the Neocon connections in the recent collapse of US-North Korea talks, pending invasion of Venezuela, and attempts to scuttle the China-US trade negotiations. Other economic topics covered include: why tax refunds are down significantly so far in 2019 and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s attempt to cover up rising tax hit on middle class this year per Trump’s 2018 tax cuts, Fed chair Powell’s comments on wages about to rise and on MMT theory; and an examination of US GDP figures for fourth quarter 2018 and why they are suspect given other data late last year.


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