Alternative Visions – Yield Curves & Recession Late 2019

Dr. Rasmus explains the importance of the Yield Curve (currently flattening or inverting) and its role as a predictor of recession in 2019. What causes short term rates to rise while long term rates slow or fall. The Fed’s role in short term rate changes and the global-US economy slowing role in long term rates converging with short term. Why the Fed continues raising (short term) rates but cannot do so more than 1-2 times without provoking a crisis in emerging market economies and causing further slowing of Europe and Japan economies. How Dr. Rasmus’s predictions re. rates, yield curves, and 2019 recession in US since last January now happening.  Why US banks’ business research arms now calling recession 2019 as well (Morgan Stanley). Why critics of yield curve are wrong. Forces converging to produce recession 2019. In the first half of the show, updates on china trade war, global oil price developments, and GM layoffs are discussed—and what’s behind the arrest of Huawei’s Co-CEO, Meng Wangzhou, by Canada at US request?


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