America’s Control Over the World Is Rapidly Eroding – Michael Payne

It’s no secret that the U.S. is most certainly not the most loved country in the world because of its government’s long history of highly aggressive military actions, as well as its interference in the internal affairs of countless nations. But what we are seeing today is that an increasing number of nations are turning against the U.S. and taking various actions to rid themselves of its presence and influence.

In a recent article entitled, “The Decline and Fall of the United States” David Swanson pointed out that, “Latin American nations are standing up to the United States. Some have kicked out its bases and ceased sending students to the School of the Americas. People are protesting at US bases in Italy, South Korea, England, and at US embassies in the Philippines, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. German courts are hearing charges that it is illegally participating in US drone wars. Pakistani courts have indicted top CIA officials.”

The U.S. Embassy in Libya remains closed; not long ago the embassy in Yemen closed and we can expect others to follow suit in the future. Even if the U.S. is the most powerful militarily, if the nations and people of the world no longer want its presence in their countries, there is little that Washington can do anything about it. The U.S. government’s extremely aggressive military policies are making new enemies at an alarming rate.

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