Expat Files – 12.09.18

#1- Insecticide/Pesticide use in Latin America: How big a problem is it and how does it concern health conscious gringos? There are many ways to measure pesticide use in a country. For example you may read the total tonnage of pesticide use in a country- but total tonnage is NOT a good measure of the concentration/contamination of the “LOCAL” crops …


Meria Heller -Meria With Jonathan Simon – Code Red

Meria with Jonathan Simon, Election Forensics Analyst, author of “Code Red, Computerized Elections and the War on American Democracy”. The 2018 elections; voting online? ask Marriott; cyber theft;Georgia, the poster boy for stolen elections; Stacey Abrams lawsuit, what’s it missing? Misinformation campaigns; 8 yrs for voter mistake? Why? Florida’s recount is a joke, bans hand counting of 99%; the Founders and the …


A Just Cause Radio – Voices Behind the Wall Pt.17: Voices of the Innocent Pt.5

The host Cliff Stewart, Lisa Stewart and Lamont Banks our Hosts will continue our ongoing series discussing Voices Behind the Wall – Voices of the Innocent. Our guests are Julia Lazareck, POC for Prison the Hidden Sentence, Derek Gamble, Program Director for Clean Slate Reentry and Kathy Morse, who was a former detainee at Rikers. Wrongful Convictions in the United States is steadily increasing and it …


Resistance Radio – Guest: Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan is an Irish television comedy writer and director who, often in partnership with Arthur Mathews, has written or co-written a string of successful television comedies. He is best known for creating or co-creating the sitcoms Father Ted, Black Books, the IT Crowd, and Motherland. He has been married to Helen Linehan since 2004. They have two children.   …


Economic Update – The Great American Purge

The program begins by explaining the economics behind the great US  anti-leftist purge (“McCarthyism”) after 1945. It then shows the economic impacts of that purge over the last half century. Finally, it explains how that history produced a very different political response to the crash of 2008 compared to FDR’s response to 1929.   Download Here


Ask The Blood Detective – Protect Yourself & Family Against Viral & Other Infections

Lean how the immune system responds against opportunistic infections. Herbs, foods, vitamins and minerals will be discussed regarding how to keep your immune systems strong. Dr. Wald, The BloodDetective gets down to the practical stuff! Dr. Wald can be reached for either in-person or phone New Patient visits by calling 914-552-1442. His email is: info@BloodDetective.com. His website is: inTMedNY.com   …


Alternative Visions – Yield Curves & Recession Late 2019

Dr. Rasmus explains the importance of the Yield Curve (currently flattening or inverting) and its role as a predictor of recession in 2019. What causes short term rates to rise while long term rates slow or fall. The Fed’s role in short term rate changes and the global-US economy slowing role in long term rates converging with short term. Why …

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The Gary Null Show – 12.07.18

Gary has 2 new cook books out!   Curing The Incurable eBook  Diet Prevents and Cures Inflammatory Diseases  Dr. Gary Null’s exciting new book Anti-arthritis, Anti-inflammation Cookbook is an important offering that comes to us at a critical time in our human history. As I have written extensively in my own publications, we as a nation are facing unprecedented, widespread …


The Plutocracy Report – 12.07.18

This Colossal 30th Plutocracy Report is unprecedented!!!  Vince tells us where we are at this point both economically and psychologically.  We live in a Scam Society and the French finally had enough of being fleeced by the plutocrats and Vince is ecstatic about it.  He talks about the absurdity of commercial and state run media and how we need a …