LOA Daily – Introducing: Steve Rowell

Steve joins the co-hosting team with today’s show, and our listeners get a first-hand experience with the energy and the passion he brings to hiswork and to the show.   Download Here


Energy Stew – Are you born to live multi-dimensionally?

Many children are born with extra-sensory abilities and experiences but not all find their use later in life. Laura Powers has made use of these powers and is fulfilling their potential. We all do have multi-dimensional abilities although it’s not apparent to most and they haven’t learned how to tune into them. For some of us, it’s much easier and …


Expat Files – 01.18.19

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #823 FRI, JAN 18 (01-18-2019): #1- Internet data packages for the Latin American common masses are constantly changing and getting faster, cheaper and more convenient: Find out what IT packages and services are masses are using and you should sign up for them too.. #2- A Latin perspective on the USA Govt shutdown: The dirty little …


Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 01.18.19

WILL PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC’S BANKRUPTCY SHUT THE DIABLO CANYON NUKES? No question of human survival is more urgent than shutting the huge twin reactors surrounded by earthquake faults at Diablo Canyon, California.  Perched above the Pacific, 9 miles west of San Luis Obispo, these aging, defective, decrepit atomic behemoths threaten all of California and the United States with radioactive …

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What Women Must Know – The Total Gut Restoration Program with Kiran Krishnan

Kiran Krishnan is a research microbiologist whose focus is the human microbiome and wellness. With his particular expertise in the newest frontier in microbiology, gut commensal spore bacteria, Kiran is a frequent lecturer, largely to national and international medical audiences, but also as an expert guest on live radio and satellite podcasts. Coming from a strict research background in the fields of molecular medicine and microbiology at the University …

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The Gary Null Show – 01.17.19

Voicemail Line 862-800-6805 This new feature will allow listeners to call in and leave a voicemail question to all their favorite shows. All you have to do is call the number, Say your name, what show and what your question is. This will allow your voice to be heard on your favorite PRN shows and will allow a better host/listener …


iEat Green – Genuine Foods

Kayleen St.John, MS, RD is an Executive Director at Genuine Foods, a for service management company that measures it’s success by the health and well-being of the communities it serves. Prior to joining Genuine Foods, she was the COO at Euphebe Healthcare and the Director of Nutrition at Natural Gourmet Institute. Kayleen is currently an adjunct professor of Nutrition in …


Leid Stories–Pervasive Institutional Dysfunction Adds to Our Burdens and Misery–01.17.19

In the surreal “Twilight Zone” of a Donald J. Trump presidency and administration that we’ve been living in for the past two years, we can see how pervasive and acute institutional dysfunction has added to our burdens.  Leid Stories asks: Have we abdicated our roles and responsibilities as partners in creating and maintaining a democratic society? Download Here


The Personal Computer Radio Show – 01.17.19

Personal Computer Show Wednesday January 16th 2019 PRN.fm 6:00 PM Eastern Time IN THE NEWS AT&T and T-Mobile Say They’ll Stop Selling User Location Data Windows 10 1903 Will Set Aside 7GB of Disk Space for Windows Updates Don’t Want Microsoft to Reserve 7GB for Windows Updates? Here’s How to Disable It Ring reportedly gave employees access to customer video feeds …