Leid Stories – 11.19.19

Leid Stories–In the midst of a national crisis–the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump–people seem unusually calm. We try to find out why-11.19.19   Download Here

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The Gary Null Show – 11.19.19

How to Save the Planet and Ourselves Chris Hedges   If you read only one book this year, it should be Roger Hallam’s “Common Sense for the 21st Century: Only Nonviolent Rebellion Can Now Stop Climate Breakdown and Social Collapse.” Hallam’s lucid and concise book, which echoes Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense,” says what many of us now know to be …


Project Censored – 11.19.19

On this week’s show, we hear a talk given by Mickey Huff and Nolan Higdon. They spoke about their new book, “United States of Distraction,” a look at the five decades of corrosive political and media changes which made it possible for a candidate like Donald Trump to capture the presidency. They spoke at the Hillside Club in Berkeley, California …


LOA Daily – Keeping Your Vibration Up

Keeping Your Vibration Up It’s the one thing we all have the most in common as conscious creators. We all struggle from time to time with keeping our vibration up, staying in a highly positive frame of mind. Never fear! Our intrepid panel shares all of the latest and best ideas for how to get yourself into a better feeling …


Focus On The Facts – 11.19.19

On Focus on the Facts, we continued to cover the Epstein child sex trafficking scandal with the main focus on the ridiculous interview of Prince Andrew and his denial of involvement in Esptein’s child sex trafficking network and his rape of underage girls. We also covered the involvement of Alan Dershowitz, Glen Dubin, Ghislaine Maxwell, Senator and Disney chairman George …


Ask Beatty – 11.05.19

1.  Assessing your life, lifestyle and relationships. 2.  Microstep Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle 3.  How Owning a Dog Can Fix Our Democracy 4.  Interesting Research Findings    To Life and Love and Doing Things That Are In Our Best Interest   XxxxxBeatty  Download Here

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The Gary Null Show – 11.18.19

Quackwatch’s Hatred of Acupuncture. Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD Progressive Radio Network, November 18, 2019   The author of the Quackwatch entry for Acupuncture entitled “Be Wary of Acupuncture, Qigong and Chinese Medicine” is Quackwatch founder Stephen Barrett. It represents Quackwatch’s official position on acupuncture that has served the purposes of Skeptic organizations, including Skeptic editors on Wikipedia, for …


Leid Stories – 11.18.19

Obama Cautions Dems Against ‘Leftist’ Leanings; Bloomberg Confirms Why His Presidential Bid Must Be Rejected; Ilhan  Omar (D-Minn.) Is Off the Rails. Download Here