Beatty Cohan: Love and Relationships

BeattyCohanA.  .  Why are relationships so challenging?  ….. 3 reasons
1.  If people are not in a good place emotionally, psychologically, psychiatrically, it’s almost impossible to have a healthy relationship with anyone. And life and relationships become even more complicated when people are dealing with poverty, racism, income inequality, etc. We need to be OK.  Our relationships should add an important dimension to who we already are.  Our own foundations need to be solid and secure.
2.  People need to be willing to learn and educate ourselves about what ingredients actually go into a healthy relationships.  People are mostly in the dark.Where did any of us learn about healthy relationships? Certainly not from the mainstream media. And most unfortunately, did not learn about healthy relationships from their families.
3.  People have to be willing to take the time and ASSESS who’s right or wrong for them BEFORE committing to any serious relationship.  The signs are ALWAYS there.  We just have to be willing to open our ears and eyes to the REALITY vs our fantasies of who are partner is and is not.  This is what my book, For Better, for Worse, Forever:  Discover the Path to Lasting Love is all about.  I did research with 450 men and women in the Boston, Providence and Connecticut area.  I developed a formula.  A formula that actually WORKS!!!!!s
B.  Trumps’s election has caused people to pause in terms of who they will or will not date. People are also reevaluating who they are with.  Do you want to date someone who supports racism, someone who is a fascist, a bigot, someone who objectifies women, someone who is a narcissist in the most clinical of terms