Alternative Visions – Repo Market Crisis As Financial System Instability ‘Red Flag’. What’s Next?

Dr. Rasmus dissects this past week’s spike in Repo (Repurchase Agreement) bank to bank lending market and what it means for growing financial instability in the US and globally. Candidate for financial market instability in US and worldwide are reviewed (junk bonds, BBB, leveraged loans, CDOs, etc., as well as India-Europe banks, China markets, Argentina, etc.). further slowdown of world …


Greta Thunberg, Our World’s Prophet for a New Silent Spring

Greta Thunberg, Our World’s Prophet for a New Silent Spring   Gary Null PhD Progressive Radio Network, September 19, 2019   Late last autumn, a young 16 year old Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, started a silent protest against what she observed was a lack of conviction and commitment in our civilization and consumer society to address the existential threats we …


LOA Daily – Standup Comedy and the Law of Attraction

Standup Comedy and the Law of Attraction Alyx reflects on some of her experiences doing stand-up comedy, particularly regarding the role that the Law of Attraction plays in doing it. As so often happens on Tuesdays, the laughs just keep on coming. To subscribe to the LOA Today podcast via iPhone, iPad, or iPod, click here: https://apple.co/2qlDSne To subscribe to the …


Connect The Dots – Regenerative Agriculture & Climate

Regenerative Agriculture & Climate: Seth Itzkan, co-founder and co-director of Soul4Climate, discusses the role of regenerative agriculture and soil in climate health— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy Download Here

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The Gary Null Show – How the Mindfulness Movement has become the New Capitalist Spirituality – 09.18.19

Prof Ronald Purser is a professor of management in the College of Business at San Francisco State University, where he teaches mindfulness in organizations and theories of consumer capitalism, social change and transformation. Prof Purser is also a Zen teacher in the Korean Taego (Tay-go) tradition. His essays and cultural criticism have appeared in Salon, Tikkun, Tricycle, the Huffington Post and Alternet.  Ron has …


Leid Stories–Mr. Snark Lost His Spark on the First Day of Impeachment Hearings–09.18.19

Leid Stories discusses a dramatic turning of the legal tide yesterday, the first day of the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump.  Corey Lewandowski, a principal witness who was Trump’s campaign manager and trusted political mechanic, hid all day behind court papers he said barred him from discussing any aspect of his relationship with Trump. But late in …