All Together Now

All Together Now – 06.23.16

June 23, 2016

Eleanor LeCain talks about business as a powerful ally in the sustainability movement with two business leaders - Lisa Drake, Director of Sustainability Innovation for Stonyfield yogurt, and John Replogle, CEO of Seventh Generation, the leading natural household cleaning products company.

All Together Now – 06.16.16

June 16, 2016

Eleanor LeCain talks about business leaders as powerful allies in the sustainability movement with Anne Kelly, Senior Director of Public Policy at Ceres, and Chris Miller, the Social Mission Activism Manager at Ben & Jerry's.

All Together Now – 06.02.16

June 2, 2016

Eleanor LeCain talks about how we benefit from healing the racial divide in America with Milagros Phillips, author of the new book, 11 Reasons to Become Race Literate.

All Together Now – 05.26.16

May 26, 2016

Eleanor LeCain discusses how women are breaking through in business with Staci Redmon, President and CEO of Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS), one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

All Together Now – 05.19.16

May 19, 2016

Eleanor LeCain talks with a former climate denier about his conversion to climate action - Jerry Taylor, president of the Niskanen Center - and about moving to 100% renewable energy with Rob Sargent, Energy Program Director at Environment America.

All Together Now – 04.28.16

April 28, 2016

Eleanor LeCain discusses the rise of women entrepreneurs with Betty Hines, a leader in the Women Presidents Organization (those who own or lead companies with revenue of $2 million/year or more) and President of Betty Hines Business Builder.

All Together Now – 04.14.16

April 14, 2016

Eleanor LeCain discusses building a pro-Democracy movement in the US and ending hunger through Living Democracy with Frances Moore Lappe, author of Diet for a Small Planet and 17 other books.

All Together Now – 03.31.16

March 31, 2016

Eleanor LeCain discusses student activism on campus with Mila Rostain, head of the Yale SNAP PAC, the country’s largest student political action committee (Students for a New American Politics).

All Together Now – 03.24.16

March 24, 2016

Eleanor LeCain discusses stopping terrorism and promoting peace with Barbara Wien, a world leader in peace education and teacher at American University in Washington, DC.

All Together Now – 03.17.16

March 17, 2016

Eleanor LeCain speaks about Boston's plan to be the first city to close the gender wage gap with Megan Costello, executive director of the Office of Women's Advancement. Also speaks about innovation in cities with Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, mayor of Baltimore and President of the US Conference of Mayors
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