Ask Beatty – 05.14.19

 LIFE AFTER DIVORCE  The divorce  rate for first marriages is 48% 63% of second marriages end in divorce  72% of third marriages end in a divorce court   Beatty talks about the 3 things that people need to DO in order to find a healthy and longlasting relationship like a marriage.    Her 2 guests today have been written up …


Ask Beatty – 05.07.19

1.  Are you taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically? Check out these important reminders and find out whether you are really being good to yourself. 2.  My guest today is Holly Roach Knight, a cultural organizer, a contemplative activist and social justice educator, who lives at the social movement intersection of racial equity,  contemplative faith and education.  She …


Ask Beatty – 04.23.19

1.  Are you SERIOUS about creating the life you want? Take my test and find out.      2. CURRENT RESEARCH  IN PSYCHIATRY.  My guest today is Dr. Uriel Halbreich, MD.  He is a Professor of Psychiatry,  Director of Biobehavioral Research,  State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY-AB) and Founding Chairman,  World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Section on Interdisciplinary Collaboration.  …


Ask Beatty – 04.16.19

1.  Are you on a constructive or a self-destructive path.  Take my test and find out?   2. QUESTION FROM CALLER:  I have no sex drive and my partner is threatening to leave the relationship.   What should I do?   3.  Effective Couples Counseling…..3 STEPS   TO LIFE AND LOVE, XXXBEATTY Download Here


Ask Beatty –04.09.19

1. LIFE LESSONS THAT MATTER.  What experts around the world teach us about having a happy and healthy and LONG  life.  It’s not what you might expect! 2.  Are you willing to make some. changes that will enhance the quality of your health, your relationships and your life Forever? To Life and Love, XxxBeatty Download Here


Ask Beatty –04.02.19

1.  Are you doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results? Are you ready to try something new …..something that will actually work for you? 2.  Emotional and physical well-being are dependent on the these BEHAVIORS…. 3.  My guest today is Pearls Daily,  is a critically acclaimed actress, comedienne, and burlesque artist based in New York …


Ask Beatty – 03.26.19

1.  Are you ready to ask for help? 2.  Mindfulness…doing what is in your best interest. Are you onboard? 3.  My guests today are Arden Greenspan-Goldberg, a nationally known family and marriage psychotherapist,  specializing in parenting, pre-tween, tween, teen and young adult issues.  She is the author of WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?  SHE”S A TEENAGER, a must-read book for every …


Ask Beatty – 03.19.19

1.  Are you creating the life you want?  Take this test and find out. This test will help you create the vision in 7 different areas of your life.   2.  Have you heard the term digisexuality?  Did you happen to read about the man in Japan who recently married an anime hologram, a ROBOT that he built himself?  Is …


Today On The Ask Beatty Show At 3pm EST: Have You Ever Heard of Digisexuality?

Neil Mcarthur is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba. He is the co-editor of the book Robot Sex: Ethical and Social Implications (MIT Press, 2017). He has written about sexual ethics and alternative sexualities for VICE, the Globe and Mail, Time, and other outlets. He is also …


Ask Beatty – 03.12.19

1.  Reaching out for help when your life is in shambles.    2.  Are you doing what is in your best interest every day?   3.  My guest today is Dr. Alexandra Solomon, a licensed clinical psychologist at the Family Institute at Northwestern University, author of Loving Bravely:  20 Lessens of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want …