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How different are the children of today? – interview with Meg Blackburn Losey – 03.13.15

March 13, 2015

Our children are here to create a better future for us. Many names are given to today’s children; Indigo Children, Crystalline Children, Star Kids, Children of Light, Transitional Children and the Beautiful Silent Ones. Whatever their labels, these children are different and they’re here to know differently.  We need a new world and they are going to build it. Meg Blackburn Losey is an ambassador for them and has written a number of books about them.  Her latest is “Children of Now…Evolution“.  Tune into this wonderful interview with Meg to hear about these special children and how we can support them better. Download this episode (right click and

Can you outsmart your bad habits? – Energy Stew interview with Karen Koenig – 03.06.15

March 6, 2015

We all have certain habits that we know we've got to kick. What life skills can help us overcome them? It's always best to stay on top of our lives and be sure to make the most out of them. There are many bad habits that can sabotage our productiveness and even our health. Probably one of the most common is how we eat. Certainly over-drinking and smoking are self-destructive. There are many absorbing computer games and maybe we just get lost on the web and surf ourselves into oblivion. Karen Koenig can help us get a hold of ourselves and make better choices. Her latest book, "Outsmarting Overeating" is loaded with opportunities to readjust our lives and be happier for it.
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