Energy Stew – M.J. Evans – 07.08.16

Do the Sumerian tablets only present a myth? Maybe not.

These ancient tablets were first translated in the late 1800’s and archeologists were unfamiliar with flying ships. What imagination they were thought to hold! They spoke of gods who came from these ships and they brought technology to build monuments. They also brought conflict and war. Zecharia Sitchin was a recent scientist who saw that these ancient tablets showed some of our modern technology that was previously misunderstood in the old translations. It’s fascinating when you look at the tablets with a modern eye and realize that these ancient people wrote in depth about space ships and interstellar communications. The gods who emerged from these ships brought a civilization with them and taught these early minds how to use technology.

Today’s science still can’t explain how old monuments were built with such perfection that needed very advanced tools. There are even elaborate writings about the mating of these gods with early cavemen and the leap to human sapiens that was able to happen. Science is still baffled about how sophisticated intelligence evolved as normal evolution would have been too slow. Zecharia Sitchin wrote many books about these old tablets but he’s gone now and his work is being maintained by M.J. Evans who recently wrote Zecharia Sitchin and the Extraterrestrial Origins of Humanity. This is a story that’s very captivating and represents many years of detailed research. You might want to learn more about it.

Tune into my interview with M.J. Evans.


Energy Stew – Ronelle Wood – 07.01.16

Is your fascia really that important? – Energy Stew interview with Ronelle Wood

If it weren’t for your fascia, everything except your skin and bones would be piled up down near your feet.

Not only does it hold everything in place but it also helps your body work together. It’s part of your body’s intelligence system and needs to be treated with great respect.

Once you realize how important your fascia is you can take more responsibility for it. The medical world hasn’t learned to do so and they don’t even recommend fascial remediation after surgeries to help the body return to normal.

Healthy fascia makes for a healthy body and there are experts who perform “myofascial release” and know how to work with it. Fascia even conducts a fiber optic network through its tubules and that’s how a lot of the body can speak with itself even faster than the nerves can communicate.

I’m interviewing, Ronelle Wood, the author of”Touching Light, How to Free Your Fiber-Optic Fascia”to learn how this system works and how much we can do for it. She works out in California and fortunately I know some wonderful practitioners here in NYC, Shelby Werwa and Kate Hildebrandt and have had some great fascial work done on my “getting a little older” body.


Energy Stew – Zen DeBrucke – 06.24.16

Are you in touch with Your Inner GPS? – Energy Stew interview with Zen DeBrucke

We all have a very helpful guidance system that can show us the correct paths to take.

Sometimes you can tell that it’s working for you but many times your mind and ego will override your sensitivity to it.

When we can learn to trust this Inner Guidance System, we can make the best decisions. It takes time to trust it because the mind wants to be more in charge yet just doesn’t know as much.

Zen DeBrucke has written a wonderful book, “Your Inner GPS” and I think you’ll want to hear what she has to say about it. Maybe she can help you tune into it better.


Energy Stew – Cara Bradley – 06.17.16

Are you on the verge?

What does it take to get to the verge of a breakthrough?

What qualities need to be in place for breakthroughs to happen?

We need to live ready for change by maximizing our potential every day.

What if a breakthrough was offered to you but you just weren’t prepared to grab it?

Opportunities can show up out of the blue but need us to recognize them and be ready and willing.

I’m interviewing Cara Bradley, the author of “On the Verge”, a wonderful new book to keep you on your toes and be ready for the next step.


Energy Stew – Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen – 06.10.16

Hand reading of Trump gives him away! Our hands reveal our true personality so it’s helpful to know the hands of important people to understand them better. With the help of 2 experts, Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen we’ll look at the hands of the political candidates, mostly Trump, whose hands are quite unique. Donald Trump has an unusual hand and he can’t escape it. People believe he can change his tune but his hand says otherwise. (That’s his hand in the photo) Ellen and Dorian are the authors of “The Art & Science of Hand Reading”, a new and hot selling book about hands. I think you’ll want to hear what they have to say about how hands show personality so we can understand why we all behave the way we do.


Energy Stew – Linda & Charlie Bloom – 05.27.16

Are your love relationships influenced by false myths? Most long term relationships can justify themselves according to many myths about how they should work and yet they might be the reason the relationship isn’t satisfying or successful. Linda & Charlie Bloom have written “Happily Ever After…and 39 Other Myths about Love”.

This book will show you that you still have a lot to learn about being in a successful (myth free) loving relationship. We don’t realize the ways we can make excuses for the weaknesses in our relationships because there are myths that make them right. This book and interview can flush out some of these issues and help put a relationship on better footing. Be sure to tune in to learn more about the myths we might not have yet identified. There’s always more to learn. Tune in to this opportunity to make your love relationships even better.


Energy Stew – Nicholas E. Brink – 05.20.16

Save the planet through trance journeys?

Perhaps trance journeys that bring us into intimate contact with Earth intelligence can awaken us to our profound connection with it. Nicholas E. Brink has authored a number of important books about trance journeying. His new book Trance Journeys of the Hunter-Gatherers, Ecstatic Practices to Reconnect with the Great Mother and Heal the Earth focuses on advanced methods to journey to many different intelligences that populate our planet such as the animal and vegetable kingdoms. These are shamanic journeys using different postures that result in different experiences. In these journeys, we become more at one with the different kingdoms we travel through.

Tune in to learn more about this fascinating way to reconnect with the Earth Mother.


Energy Stew – Terrence Mahon & Steve Gottlieb – 05.13.16

What is your opinion about intuitive healing? Who is best helped with intuitive healing? What use is it? I’ll be interviewing a number of guests who have had many varied experiences with it for themselves and others. After years of experiencing it, it really speaks for itself. I’ll be speaking with a number of people who have years of experience to see how intuitive healing has helped many people.

First, I’ll speak with Terrence Mahon, a world renowned elite running coach who has helped his runners win Olympic medals and break many American records. He’ll talk about how intuitive healing has helped him and his runners.

Next, I’ll be talking with Steve Gottlieb, an intuitive healer in Westchester County who has been helping people for many years.


Energy Stew – ReGina Concotelli – 05.06.16

Self-confidence is greatly improved by the Human Design System. The better we know ourselves the more assured we are in everyday life. The Human Design System holds incredible insights into the nature of your unique personality. ReGina Concotelli and I will be talking about the abundant information that Human Design reveals about each one of us and how it enhances our lives. It’s a system that doesn’t change who you are, but rather it gives our a new language about yourself that allows you to know yourself better and create a better and happier life with it. Be sure to tune into this opportunity to learn how to become more self-confident and happier.


Energy Stew – Donald Altman – 04.29.16

Do you need to clear emotional clutter?

Can we really reboot ourselves and clear the baggage of adversity, insult, trauma and pain that many of us carry around in one form or another?

Donald Altman’s new book “Clearing Emotional Clutter” is a wonderful guide to managing our lives more intelligently. He helps dissolve past issues and provides powerful mindfulness methods to live in more peace and fulfillment.

Tune into this important interview to learn how to live on top of your game.