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With Peter Roth
Energy Stew brings together a rich collection of guests that include groundbreaking authors, brilliant thinkers and transformational speakers presenting new ideas and information for personal development, spiritual enhancement and optimal health. The half hour format is fast paced and laced with essential insights for your growth. Peter Roth has been hosting the show on prn for more than 10 successful years.

What is your real story? – Energy Stew interview with Kim Schneiderman – 07.10.15

July 10, 2015

Is your ego too involved in your story to really see it? How many choices in life does your story give you? Maybe you need some fresh eyes to really see who you are and appreciate even more about yourself.Kim Schneiderman's new book, "Step Out of Your Story", is an opportunity to see yourself in the third person. She offers guided writing exercises to look at who you are and what your story is about. They key is to refer to yourself as a he or she so you can be less passionate and have a better observer's eye. In reading her book, I was very inspired to start writing and see what I would say about myself. She really helps guide the subject matter so you don't have to be at a loss for words. Tune into this intriguing interview and maybe it will help bring your story into more focus.

What has your dog told you lately? – Energy Stew interview with Tim Link – 07.03.15

July 3, 2015

Dogs and cats have more to say than we think. We might believe they understand a lot but, even then, we sell them short. The entire animal world knows how to communicate with each other. Us humans generally just use our 5 senses and we think our pets are limited to them also but they work on intuitive levels we don't know about. Tim Link, the author of "Talking with Dogs and Cats", has learned how to communicate at these deeper levels and has a lot to teach us about how to do that too. Life with pets can change dramatically once we know how to communicate in more effective ways. It's not about loving them more but rather having more fun and opportunities living with them.

Are your relationships in the cards? – Energy Stew interview with Alexander Dunlop – 06.26.15

June 26, 2015

It’s amazing how much we can learn about our relationships through the cards we were born with. We are each born into a particular birth card based on our date of birth. ¬†Alexander Dunlop, a card expert, has been on a number of Energy Stew shows and I’ve studied the cards so we are both very enthusiastic about how accurate and meaningful they are in our lives. In this show, he’ll be discussing how the cards reveal our love language and how they match up with the people we are close to. ¬†You can find your birth card ahead of listening to the show if you go and you’ll see where to input your birth date. Here’s an earlier show with Alexander when he describes the purpose of each card in the deck. Download this episode (right click and

Powerful Aboriginal healing stories – Energy Stew interview with Robbie Holz – 06.19.15

June 19, 2015

Some remote tribes have amazing healing abilities. Robbie and Gary Holz each separately had this experience and it was life changing. Gary was given only 6 months to live with MS and traveled there in his wheel chair with no feeling below his neck. He was able to walk off the airplane when he got home and then lived another 12 years. He was empowered to become a charismatic healer during his remaining years. Afterward, his wife Robbie was invited to the outback for her own revelations and has written the book, "Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening".

Energy Stew – Do you know any “SUPERYOGIS? – 06.12.14

June 12, 2015

James Connor was a yogi taking a 3 year retreat and studied the Yoga Sutras from ancient times. He learned a lot about what powers yoga has offered to serious practitioners and wrote a novel about it. The Superyogi Scenario is an action packed adventure involving amazing physical abilities that help save the world. The book is also packed with serious and inspiring lessons about yoga and meditation.

Energy Stew – Healing needs to include a spiritual component – 06.05.15

June 5, 2015

Learn to live in radiant health! Living in full health requires a commitment to be responsible for all aspects of your life. Dr. Katherine Kelly has written the book "Soul Health, Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living", which covers the gamut of 11 principles to live in harmony. Be sure to tune in to this show to make sure you're covering all your bases.

Energy Stew – Call-In Show – 05.29.15

May 29, 2015

I'll be taking calls to answer your big life questions working with my intuition. This is an opportunity to see how my intuition can be of help to you. I'll spend a few minutes with each person and you'll be amazed at how much I can tell you about your situation in that short time. I can answer questions about a lot of different things from family issues to health to work issues as so much of the information doesn't come from my own brain but rather from a higher consciousness.

Energy Stew – The Human Design System knows all about you – 05.22.15

May 22, 2015

The Human Design System reveals our soul map so we can do a better job being ourselves. Listen to an analytic overview of the Human Design System as I speak with ReGina Concotelli, a fellow certified analyst. We'll review some fundamentals of the system so you can understand its importance in our lives. We'll talk about the basic personality types and then offer a deep review of what it sees as our unique "profiles". You can email either of us to send you a free chart so you can then see how this discussion relates to your specific chart.

Astonishing insights from the other side – Energy Stew interview with Garnet Schulhauser – 05.08.15

May 8, 2015

Some people are contacted by the other side and introduced to astral travel. That's what happened to my guest for this show. Garnet Schulhauser was a lawyer living a normal life when a strange man began interacting with him on the street. Soon, this man showed up at night as a spirit and invited him to travel out of his body into other dimensions. Naturally, this changed his life. After many journeys, he was able to write books of his experiences and lessons about the spiritual universe. His first book was "Dancing on a Stamp" and the second was "Dancing Forever with Spirit". I've read them with great appreciation and recognition of realities we can never know enough about. It's always wonderful to connect with astral travelers and hear about their amazing adventures in dimensional worlds most of us can only dream about.
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