Expanding Mind – Into the Muck – 09.21.17

Israeli therapist, spiritual teacher, and psychedelic activist Galia Tanay talks about deep dharma practice, the problems with mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, and how psychedelics shape the self. Download this episode (right click and save)


Expanding Mind – Robot Multiplicity – 09.14.17

Computer scientist, artist, and UC Berkeley robotics professor Ken Goldberg talks about autonomous vehicles, tele-gardens, free speech on campus, and the Singularity myth. Download this episode (right click and save)

Adam Greenfield

Expanding Mind – Radical Technologies – 09.07.17

Radical Technologies Designer and technology critic Adam Greenfield talks about magic bullets, the melancholy of machines, Tesla’s Autopilot, and his must-read new book Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life (Verso).  Download this episode (right click and save)


Expanding Mind – The Fifth Wall – 07.27.17

Novelist, poet and conceptual artist Rachel Nagelberg talk about trauma, technology, ayahuasca, and her intense and resonant debut novel The Fifth Wall. http://www.rachelnagelberg.com/ Download this episode (right click and save)


Expanding Mind – Cosmic Triggerer – 07.20.17

Performer, director and playwright Daisy Campbell talks about Robert Anton Wilson, the dangers of synchronicity, her father Ken’s 1976 production of Illuminatus!, and her resoundingly successful recent staging of Cosmic Trigger: the Play. https://cosmictriggerplay.com/ Download this episode (right click and save)


Expanding Mind – Psychedelic Pedagogy – 07.13.17

Research scientist and UK sociologist Tehseen Noorani talks about hearing voices, pharmacological biases, studying psilocybin studies, and the importance of trickster teachers. His talk at Psychedelic Science is available here.