Expanding Mind – Tao Lin Trips – 05.03.18

A conversation with alt-lit novelist, poet, and artist Tao Lin, about Terence McKenna, feeling happy (or not), degenerate humans, writing trip reports, and his refreshing new non-fiction book Trip: Psychedelics, Alienation, and Change (Vintage).  Download this episode (right click and save)

Desert Oracle

Expanding Mind – Desert Oracle – 04.26.18

A conversation with Ken Layne, the maestro of the Desert Oracle podcast and field guide, about Joshua trees, desert Christianity, Edward Abbey, military secrecy, and the mysterious (and smelly) Yucca Man of local legend. Download this episode (right click and save)


Expanding Mind – Practice – 04.19.18

A three-way idea fest with Marcus Boon and Gabriel Levine about art, discipline, self-care, crafting community, tikkun, and their rich and stimulating edited collection Practice (MIT Press). Download this episode (right click and save)


Expanding Mind – Psychedelic Bridges – 04.12.18

A conversation with Brazilian anthropologist, conference programmer, and  chacruna.net editor Bia Labate. We cover peyote politics, the bureaucratization of psychedelics, the legalization of ayahuasca circles in the United States, and working with indigenous leaders on the “Sacred Plants in America” conference she recently convened. www.bialabate.net Download this episode (right click and save)


Expanding Mind – The Revery of the Ordinary – 04.05.18

A sprawling conversation with my interlocutor and old pal Ed Phillips (aka Faustroll on Twitter) about revery, misery, irony, and the ethics of being real. https://congruenz.wordpress.com/ Download this episode (right click and save)


Expanding Mind – They Shimmer Within – 03.22.18

A conversation with artist and independent scholar Bruce Rimell about psychedelic entities, evolutionary module of cognition, Visionary Humanism, and his meaty new book They Shimmer Within: Cognitive-Evolutionary Perspectives on Visionary Beings.   http://www.biroz.net/about.htm Download this episode (right click and save)