Expat Files – 10.16.16

#1-They have heavily guarded industrial parks in Latin America called Free Trade Zones and Zona Francas. What’s that all about? #2- Forget about airport duty free shops. They don’t have the deals they used to. So today we explain how you can get really great deals on thousands of items and pay no VAT (IVA) taxes or import duties. However, …

Expat Files – 10.14.16

#1- Announcing a new “Podcast by Phone” feature. If you’re on the run, you now have a way to listen to the past 5 Expat Files programs over the phone rather than downloading or streaming from the PRN archives or other sources. The phone number for this free service is: 1-701-719-0893


Expat Files – 10.09.16

#1- What fresh new Expats need to know about first-world style healthcare and insurance coverage in Latin America: how to sign up, the costs, coverage and types of plans to choose from.   #2- The use and abuse of air conditioning in Latin America   #3- More Gringo/Expat driving tips and a new heads up on car repair scams.   …


Expat Files – 09.23.16

#1-Food shopping at a big, chaotic, outdoor Latin market is a real adventure. Contrary to what these places look like- blind alleys, weird sights and smells- they really are totally safe and fun. So don’t worry if you’re the only gringo/gringa in a sea of a hundred plus short, brown faces. You’ll always be treated like a special visitor. However, …


Expat Files – 09.18.16

#1-Latin American homes are plagued by Cucarachas. They seem to have a sort kind of unavoidable symbiotic relationship. While gringos and Expats cringe and squirm, Latin locals don’t seem to notice them. Will you become accustomed and eventually not notice them either? Fact: I’ve personally only see three cucarachas in my place in the last year(and they died horrible deaths). …