Fearless Parent Radio – Toxicity, Hydration, and Healing – 07.01.15

Guest // Nicholas Gonzales, MD Host // Sayer Ji Why do we get sick? What is cancer? Are dietary changes, coffee enemas, and large amounts of supplements and enzymes truly able to accomplish miracles? How can a world renowned cancer doctor also help patients with CFS, MS, and other intractable, mysterious conditions? Imagine new paradigms on health and healing that use natural, individualized approaches …


Fearless Parent Radio – The Pill: The Deadly Dichotomy – 06.24.15

Guest // Holly Grigg-Spall Host // Kelly Brogan, MD Cultural mythology and pharmaceutical marketing have sold women on The Pill as liberation, freedom, and independence. Who’s going to tell us that this drug impacts every organ and function in the body? Who will disclose that it’s implicated in depression, anxiety, paranoia, rage, panic attacks, and more? Although some may dare …


Fearless Parent Radio – Birth of “Moms Across America” – 05.27.15

Parents marching in solidarity — across the United States — for food integrity. Hundreds of activist leaders organizing hundreds of community events in two short years.

This is what happened after one mom started feeding her three boys organic food to avoid GMOs and pesticides and watched their allergy and autism symptoms abate. She realized that thousands of parents are making the same discovery.


Fearless Parent Radio – Unraveling & Undoing Postpartum Depression – 05.20.15

Guest // Dean Raffelock DC, Dipl Ac, CCN, DIBAK, DACBN, DAAIM (Retired)

Host // Kelly Brogan, MD

Where conventional medicine is lumping postpartum depression into the convenient, pharmaceutically-defined box of “chemical imbalance”, Dean offers women science-based insights into the “why” of postpartum mental illness along with radically natural interventions that work.Dean Raffelock is a pioneering intellect in the field of women’s health. He has focused much of his clinical work on the complexities of a woman’s hormonal physiology, but he goes beyond estrogen and progesterone into the interconnectedness between hormones, neurochemistry, and the immune system.


Fearless Parent Radio – Homotoxicology for Chronic Illness – 05.13.15

Based upon the principles of homeopathy “Let like cure like,” Homotoxicology functions on both extracellular and intracellular levels. Most of us are familiar with chelation therapy, colonics, or dietary/supplement detox strategies for detoxification. This nearly 100 year old “best kept secret” can function independently or synergistically with these modalities. As its popularity grows in the US, more and more families have begun to integrate Homotoxicology into their lives to gain and maintain better health at a deeper level.Homotoxicology is a long name for a simple therapeutic model designed tosafely remove damaging toxins stored in our organs and body fats.

Fearless Parent Radio – Eat My Placenta, Say What? – 05.06.15

Although prominent in Chinese Medicine and across most mammalian species, placental ingestion or placentophagy, has only recently gained popularity in Western cultures. The placenta plays an important role in endocrine functioning and fetal nutrient supply during pregnancy. After childbirth, the mom is depleted of these critical hormones and nutrients. According to placentophagy practitioners and researchers, the hormones, nutrients and other compounds contained within the placenta at the time of parturition may still be beneficial to mothers during their postpartum recovery.


Fearless Parent Radio – Life Is Intelligent – 04.22.15

Fearless Parent Radio™ welcomes Dr. Jeanne Ohm and there is no better guest for her inaugural show than Jeanne herself. She has been teaching parents for decades, empowering and inspiring us to trust and respect our conscious and informed choices for family wellness. This process requires a shifting of our paradigm. Instead of delegating our power and responsibility to “experts,” she shows us to honor the seat of wisdom within ourselves. Instead of coming from fear, we must learn to lean into and to celebrate our internal intuition.