Heart of Mind Radio – 05.15.15

n today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis invites the creators of a remarkable new video game designed to enhance spiritual cultivation. Our guests M. Malcolm King and Ron Williams are co-designers of KARMANTRICS: the game of Enlightenment. The discussion covers the history and development of the game, how it was created first as a board game and then converted to an on-line game. Also about its purpose and the mission of its creators. For more information go tohttp://karmantics.com

In segment two we discuss the importance for every person to make a direct connection to Mother Earth and coming into the realization that humanity is responsible for her healing and restoration to wholeness.


Heart of Mind Radio – 04.24.15

Today’s Theme on Heart Of Mind Radio is Self Mastery. Kathryn shares insights from a variety of authors and offers commentary on her experience and cultivation of the mastery that can be attained through attentiveness to everyday life, and the insight that Mastery is the expression of love in every encounter. Kathryn’s Meditation & Movement Class: Brooklyn Healing Space Sunday. …


Heart of Mind Radio – 04.17.15

On today’s program in the first segment Kathryn will focus on a discourse and meditation on connecting with one’s Divine Nature. In the second segment Kathryn speaks about the power of lucid dreaming as an access point to higher 4th, and lover 5th dimensional experiences and offers instructions on how to attain a state of mind that is conducive to lucid dreaming.

Heart of Mind Radio – 04.03.15

All of humanity shares one greater Higher Self that has birthed all of our individual Higher Selves. On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio program we receive a message received by Kathryn, but intended for All. Higher Self on understanding the true creation story and the reason incarnated humans agreed to participate in the human experience with a veil of separation. …