It’s All About Food – Jacy Reese, The End of Animal Farming

Jacy Reese, The End of Animal Farming, How Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Activists Are Building an Animal-Free Food SystemJacy Reese is the research director and cofounder of Sentience Institute, a nonprofit think tank researching the most effective strategies for expanding humanity’s moral circle. He previously served as board chair and a researcher at Animal Charity Evaluators. Reese’s writing has appeared in Vox, Salon, …


It’s All About Food – Timothy Pakron, Mississippi Vegan

Timothy Parkon is a passionate cook, artist, and photographer, and the creator of the blog Mississippi Vegan. Before devoting himself to the culinary arts he spent time as a fine artist in Charleston, South Carolina, and New York City. He currently lives and works in New Orleans.   Download More


It’s All About Food – Gary De Mattei, Cashews, Colonoscopies, Theatre and Thanksgiving

Part I: Caryn Hartglass, Cashews, Colonoscopies In the first part of the program Caryn talks about attending the Werkit 2018 Women’s Podcast Festival. She’ll discuss her recent experience having a colonoscopy and share the dark side of harvesting the cashew nut.   Part II: Gary De Mattei, Theatre and Thanksgiving Gary, the co-founder of Responsible Eating and Living joins Caryn to talk …


It’s All About Food – Caryn Hartglass, One Activist’s Rejuvenation

Caryn Hartglass, One Activist’s Rejuvenation Caryn talks about her recent trip to Mendocino, CA and her stay at The Stanford Inn by the Sea, a vegan bed & breakfast. She also covers other destinations during her travel and the importance of taking care of ourselves, to recharge and rejuvenate, when dedicating one’s life to a cause.   Download Here


It’s All About Food – Caryn Hartglass, Call to Action!

Caryn Hartglass, Call to Action! In this episode of It’s All About Food, Caryn stresses the urgency of activism, specifically around promoting a vegan diet to turnaround global warming. She reviews Nestle’s Impact Advanced Recovery drink recommended by hospitals to take when having surgery.                   Download Here


It’s All About Food – Catherine Bukowski, Community Food Forest Handbook, Rachel Borkowski Animal Connection

PART I: Catherine Bukowski, Community Food Forest Handbook Catherine Bukowski is a researcher, author, educator and consultant. She is also a PhD candidate in the College of Natural Resources and the Environment at Virginia Tech, where her research has focused on the design and management of community food forests across the United States. She holds a graduate certificate in Collaborative Community …


It’s All About Food – Eric L. Adams, Promoting Plant-Based Nutrition

Eric L. Adams, Promoting Plant Foods Eric Leroy Adams is the Borough President of Brooklyn, New York City. Previously, he was a Democratic State Senator in the New York Senate, representing the 20th Senate District, which includes the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brownsville, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Sunset Park. He reversed his diabetes with a plant-based, vegan diet …


It’s All About Food – Tobias Leenaert, Vegan Strategist

Tobias Leenaert, Vegan Strategist Tobias Leenaert is a longtime speaker, trainer, strategist, and the co-founder of the Belgian organization EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative), the first vegetarian/vegan organization to receive structural funding from a national government. Under Tobias’ management, EVA launched a successful campaign that resulted with the city of Ghent becoming the first city ever to officially support a weekly vegetarian …


It’s All About Food – Gary De Mattei, From Poop to Guts! – 09.25.18

Listen by phone to hear the live broadcast at 1-401-347-0456. Or call the personal archive number to hear the most recent five episodes of It’s All About Food: 1-701-719-0885. Gary De Mattei, From Poop to Guts! Gary De Mattei, co-founder of Responsible Eating And Living joins Caryn Hartglass for another It’s All About Food episode. They talk about cereal grains and pseudo grains, the …