Connect The Dots – The Power of Protest

The Power of Protest: L.A. Kauffman, journalist, organizer, activist, and author of How to Read a Protest: The Art of Organizing and Resistance will share her 35 year experience of organizing protests and reporting on protests, discussing the 2017 Women’s March, the recent protests over the Kavanaugh nomination, and more— with Alison Rose Levy.   Download Here


Leid Stories—The Clintons’ Last Cash-Raising Bonanza Before the Hammer Falls—10.16.18

That 13-city, six month, post-midterm- elections speaking tour Bill and Hillary Clinton will launch next month isn’t a family reunion; it’s about raising cash. The Clintons, already battling several legal actions against  them,  are bracing themselves for a veritable tsunami of legal woes, domestic and foreign,  that could cost them both serious jail time and hefty fines. Retired Wall Street banker …


Project Censored – 9/11 activists Jenna Orkin and Jon Gold

9/11 activists Jenna Orkin and Jon Gold are Mickey’s guests for the hour. Rather than considering who the perpetrators might’ve been, these guests discuss the public health disaster that followed the attacks, when thousands of emergency workers and area residents became ill from the toxins spread by the fires and collapse of the World Trade Center. Jon Gold also calls …


Ask The Blood Detective – How Nutrition Works – 10.13.18

How Nutrition Works is an insightful show focusing on precisely how nutrition works in the body – and how knowledge of these “hidden miracles” can add or subtract years to your quality and length of life. This show reveals the role of absorption, aging, oxidation and inflammation plus how nutrition changes throughout the disease and life cycle. Join Dr. Michael …