Leid Stories—Wanted: A Zero-Tolerance Progressive Coalition Plan—06.20.18

President Donald J. Trump has ramped up production. He and his administration are creating chaos almost by the hour now, with new “policies” that are wreaking havoc domestically and globally because they haven’t been thought through. Trump’s “zero-tolerance” family-separation immigration policy was earning kudos from his support base—until five first ladies, including Melania Trump, weighed in against it, as have …


Leid Stories—Still In the Storm: A People’s Status Report on Puerto Rico (Part 2)–06.18.18

Nine months after Hurricane Maria ripped through and ripped apart Puerto Rico with its forceful winds and torrential rain that knocked out the island’s power grid and wiped out much of its infrastructure and crops, the island still struggles with monumental impediments to recovery. Elisa Llenza, a Puerto Rican citizen-journalist and activist, provides an on-the-ground report on how the island …


Leid Stories—Looking Deeper Into the Horowitz (DOJ/FBI) Report—06.15.18

The Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, yesterday released a 568-page report on how officials in the DOJ and the FBI handled investigations into   former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a secret email server she had installed in the basement of her Chappaqua, N.Y., home. At the time the server was discovered, Clinton claimed it was merely for convenience. …


Leid Stories—It’s ‘Free Your Mind Thursday!’—06.14.18

The much-anticipated report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation probes into how Hillary Clinton handled classified information when she was secretary of state in the Obama administration is to be released today, The report would have been the subject of our program today, but it won’t be released until 3 p.m. and is …


Leid Stories—Rating Trump’s G-7/Kim Jong Un Shuttle—06.12.18

President Donald Trump can now check off two items on his to-do list. He attended the annual summit of G-7 nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) held this year in Quebec, and cut short his time there to meet one-on-one in Singapore with Kim Jong-un, leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. …


Leid Stories—Talk What You Walk and Free Your Mind!—06.08.18

Speak your own truth to power on Leid Stories’ “Free Your Mind Friday,” the best on-air open forum on the planet. Share your take on issues in the news, topics we’ve covered on the program, or whatever you think merits further discussion or debate. Join us for a mind-freeing hour of great radio. Call 888-874-4888 and talk what you walk!


Leid Stories—A Planned Demise in Michigan—06.07.18

The City of Detroit for years now has been on a terrifying mission. The Depression-era miseries that affected the city after the collapse of the auto industry made the once-thriving city into a wasteland, with the remnants of political leadership hanging on mostly to pick the city’s bones dry. The city went way down, but it wasn’t out. There were …


Leid Stories—Redefining Our Politics and Our Power—06.06.18

Yesterday was The Big Primary Show—the midterm races for the U.S. House and Senate seats, and for governorships, that in turn will shape the 2020 presidential election and the political fortunes of the Democratic and Republican parties. State-by-state results are still being finalized, but what political analysts are keenly interested in is measuring whether President Donald Trump is helping to …