Let’s Create A Better World – 08.22.15

Joseph Ross, master astrologer and business consultant spoke about the astrological activities currently taking place, understanding and dealing with relationships in our lives and the need for the people to work together as a community and grow as a whole.

Second guest Michael Woods from New York City spoke on cell phone radiation and the damaging effects it is and has had on us individually and as a society. He spoke on protecting yourself from the negative effects of cell phone and other wireless devices and also discussed some great activities coming up in October re: a health show that attending.


Let’s Create A Better World – 08.15.15

Guest: Dr. Ren, a naturopath
Dr. Ren, America’s holistic sweetheart, spoke about aging, healthy lifestyle, Cancer, Heart and Cardiovascular issues, her videos about various conditions, and some very sound advice for people to be healthier.

Guest: Stefan Rudolph
Our second guest, Stefan Rudolph, talked about a major health show he is managing that will be taking place soon; he also talked about overcoming obstacles, exercise, diet and the power of the mind.


Let’s Create A Better World – 08.08.15

Guest: Liz Barris; EMF, Wireless Radiation Activist

Liz talked about Electro Magnetic Frequency Pollution that surrounds most of us everywhere all the time which negatively affects our health. This includes Smart Meters that the power companies are installing on people’s homes, cell phones, cell phone towers, the dangers in trains and recreational vehicles (RV’s), outside electrical wiring, indoor and outdoor wi-fi, cordless home landline phones and more. Some people are very sensitive to these and can get very sick. Others are not aware how it’s affecting them. Liz is warning us, the Public, of what we need to know about these harmful radioactive sources.


Let’s Create A Better World – 05.09.15

One of our best shows ever: Bobby interviewed Norbert Heuser, and President of IPC Global USA and Owner of KS Audio in Clearwater Florida; we discussed new technologies and how to prevent cell-phone radiation, improving your health, aging gracefully; and the prescription drugs/medical systems in America vs. in other countries. He is originally from Germany and speaks all over the world.


Let’s Create A Better World – 04.25.15

Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 every year to draw people’s attention to the seriousness of what is happening to our environment all over the planet and to inspire them to take action;

Our guest, Susan Bass, is the Senior Vice President for the Earth Day Network which has offices all over the world and is headquartered in Washington, DC.