Lifeboat Hour

With Carolyn Baker every Wednesday at 8 pm
The Lifeboat Hour, originally hosted by the late Mike Ruppert, now hosted by Carolyn Baker, combines information for waking up to our planetary predicament along with tools for helping us navigate turbulent times. Amazing guests complemented by music that resonates with their wisdom make the Lifeboat Hour a must-listen.
Carolyn Baker, Ph.D. is an author, life coach, and a former professor of psychology and history. For fourteen years she worked closely with Mike Ruppert and From The Wilderness, and she became host of the Lifeboat Hour in 2014 after Mike’s death. She lives and writes in Boulder, Colorado, and her website is

The Lifeboat Hour – 02.03.16

February 3, 2016

Carolyn talks with Ivey Cone, producer of Fuki Cafe and Extinction Radio, about how we navigate these turbulent times and stay connected with the Earth.

The Lifeboat Hour – 01.17.16

January 17, 2016

Being an elder has less to do with age than with wisdom. Dr. Harvey Austin and Carolyn discuss Harvey's new book "Elders Rock."

The Lifeboat Hour – 01.10.16

January 10, 2016

Dean Walker and Carolyn talk about "Full Spectrum Living---With Death In Mind." What does it mean to live with passion and purpose in a time of extinction?

The Lifeboat Hour – 12.20.15

December 20, 2015

In this episode, "A Light In Dark Times," Carolyn offers an urgent Winter Solstice, inspirational "fireside chat." Where are we going as an Earth community? What is the Earth asking of us right now?

The Lifeboat Hour – 12.13.15

December 13, 2015

Tyler Hess returns to the Lifeboat Hour to share his perspective as a member of the millennial generation on climate chaos, the collapse of industrial civilization, and how living in intimate relationship with Earth in the face of the Sixth Great Extinction sustains us and all life in the universe.

The Lifeboat Hour – 12.06.15

December 6, 2015

Author and wisdom teacher, Mirabai Starr, joins Carolyn to discuss the Dark Night Of The Globe as well as The Dark Night Of The Soul in troubled times.

The Lifeboat Hour – 11.22.15

November 22, 2015

Carolyn is joined by activist, author, and Rumi scholar, Andrew Harvey as they discuss the human shadow and the global crisis and how we can heal both the personal and collective shadow.

The Lifeboat Hour – 11.08.15

November 8, 2015

Carolyn talks with energy activist Nancy La Placa about the climate cost of fossil fuels and dirty energy with some surprises about which forms of energy really are cleaner.

The Lifeboat Hour – 10.25.15

October 25, 2015

Carolyn and Francis Weller discuss the need to become skilled practitioners of conscious grieving along with his new book, The Wild Edge of Sorrow.
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