LOA Today – Changing Our Perspectives

Perspective is huge. It’s how we improve our life situations, because as strange as it seems to hear it, our life situations change as our perspective changes. That’s how LOA works.   Download Here


LOA Today – Relationship Issues

Joel and Walt address a number of relationship-related issues raised in the Facebook Law of Attraction groups in the past 24 hours.   Download Here


LOA Today – More About Resistance

Joel and Walt continue the discussion begun last week about resistance and discuss some of the strategies we can use to overcome it.   Download Here


LOA Today – Resistance

Joel gives us a detailed understanding of all the ways that resistance plays a role in our experience as deliberate creators. Download Here


LOA Today – Dealing With Negative People

Joel shared some of his favorite techniques for dealing with negative people and included some illustrative stories that really show how perception is everything. Download Here


LOA Today – Thursday Q&A with Joel Elston

This show contains some of Joel’s greatest hits as he tells some of the best stories from his life illustrating how the Law of Attraction plays itself out in amazing ways in our lives.   Download Here


LOA Today – Louise’s Christmas Miracle

Walt has made hinted references to a medical condition his wife, Louise, has been dealing with lately. Today, he tells Joel … and our listeners … the full story. Wait until he gets to the climax of the story. It will stop your heart!   Download Here