Nature Bats Last – 04.11.17

Guy and Mike speak with blogger (Moving Forward), Rob Seimetz about his journey into the world of abrupt climate change and its consequence of NTHE. Paul Marcotte and Kevin Hester join us as well. Serena from Western Australia gives us a moving synopsis of the struggle millennials face during these most difficult times. Download this episode (right click and save)


Nature Bats Last – 03.07.17

Guy and a Mike speak with Stefanie Steven, a musician who along with her husband Scott are living in a motorhome, traveling and producing songs and living (in New Zealand) as simply as possible. We took several calls from listeners. Here is a link to Stefanie’s song: “The World is Dying” https://stefaniesteven.wixsite.com/music/music?wix-music-comp-id=comp-iqgi0qmz&wix-music-track-id=5657382461898752


Nature Bats Last – 01.03.17

This week NBL speaks with Forrest Palmer of Wrong a Kind of Green. We took calls and touched upon collapse, quitting our jobs, defaulting on debt, the emotional roller coaster that is the Doomesphere and steps towards the exit of the dominant culture. Mike’s book, Chasing A Different Carrot is now out and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google Books.


Nature Bats Last – 12.13.16

After a five-week break, we focused on Guy’s recently completed speaking tour of New Zealand. We were joined by tour organizer and host Kevin Hester.


Nature Bats Last – 11.01.16

Guy went solo on this episode. He provided a few updates about climate change and took calls from nine listeners.


Nature Bats Last – 10.04.16

After a three-month break in broadcasting live, we talked about our personal adventures during the extended time off the air. We took several excellent calls, too, covering broad terrain.


Nature Bats Last – 06.21.16

This week Guy and Mike challenge the dysfunctional loyalty towards the dominant civilized culture, while simultaneously challenging the narratives that some of our listeners may hold. Inspired by the comedy of Louis C.K., this show attempts to find the root of our core beliefs. We took calls and had some excellent contributions from our listeners.