LOA Today – 06.11.15

It turns out that laughter really is the best medicine, whether you’re really sick or just needing to improve your life. In today’s show, Uohna discusses a series of studies that show direct biological and neurological connections between good health, happiness, and laughter. Who knew that watching Robin Williams or Richard Pryor do standup was so good for you?

Dor photo by David Crow

What Women Must Know – Healing Through the Sharing of Food with Dorothy Mullen – 06.11.15

Dorothy Mullen is the founder of the Suppers Programs — a network of nearly free-to-users programs in New Jersey that serves people who want to cook together, eat together and prevent, manage or reverse chronic illness through lifestyle changes. She is also a leader in the community gardening movement. The Suppers model slashes through tired assumptions and conventional wisdom about how to get healthy and prizes personal experimentation with food, exercise and behavioral change. Her conviction that “healing is a social experience” led to a program design where people gather and try different styles of eating – vegan, Paleo, macrobiotic, low carb, etc. In the safe and friendly settings of private homes and small public venues, people learn which foods make them feel stable, happy, and healthy. She has trained 50 volunteer facilitators – mostly women – who understand how crucial home food preparation is for health and wellbeing. Dorothy has a Masters degree in addictions counseling from the College of New Jersey. In her private practice she uses addiction models to help people turn around entrenched eating behaviors that have placed them at risk for chronic health problems and addiction. Dorothy is the author of Logical Miracles.


The Gary Null Show – 06.11.15

The latest on health and healing – so many women in America are dealing with menopause in a more natural way, more insights. A new study about brain inflammation triggers, and what model we can use to treat people without loss of memory. The role of estrogen in cervical cancer. From the environmental segment, California is sinking, and it’s getting worse, and why it matters. And more!


This Can’t Be Happening – 06.10.15

This Can’t Be Happening guest Bret Grote, legal director of the Abolitionist Law Center in Pennsylvania, talks about his organization’s lawsuit in federal court against the medical abuse and neglect the state’s Department of Corrections is visiting on one particular prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Grote explains that Abu-Jamal was allowed to develop diabetes without treatment to the point that he lost consciousness, and was then hospitalized with relatives and even his lawyers barred from visiting him or learning his condition. The lawsuit demands access to Abu-Jamal and to his medical records, and access to him by physicians obtained by his family.


Leid Stories – 06.10.15

Here We Are; We Are Here: A Reality Check on ‘Reform’ in America (Part 3)

In the third installment of this weeklong series, Leid Stories discusses power and powerlessness in America, and logic and illogic of power.