Leid Stories – 03.12.15

Haiti: A Treasure Trove of Questionable Clinton Dealings Emailgate, the latest issue to bring Hillary Rodham Clinton’s credibility and ethics into question, probably won’t be the last to stand in the way of an all-but-declared presidential run. A survivor of several criminal, ethics-violations, conflict-of-interest and corruption investigations that span her political career, Clinton reportedly is at the center of at …


Are You a Mouth Breather? The Health Risks and the Solutions with Dr. Howard Hinden – 03.12.15

Howard Hindin D.D.S. is trained in all aspects of general dentistry, with an early emphasis on surgery and endodontia. Since the 1990s, his practice has also focused on cosmetic dentistry, temporomandibular joint disorders, craniofacial pain, dental sleep medicine and  complementary medicine as well as advocacy for patient and doctor rights. An acknowledged pioneer in the relationship between dental issues and whole body health, Dr. Hindin …

Mark Riley Show

The Mark Riley Show – 03.11.15

RIP Cardinal Egan, Windell Middlebrooks, the Lite Beer guy, and NY Times reporter Claude Sitton Top Stories Democrats deplore Republican letter to Tehran on nuke talks. What else are they supposed to do, embrace it? This is no doubt one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a group of lawmakers do. What were they thinking? Does their hate of …


Solartopia Green Power And Wellness Hour – 03.10.15


For Fukushima Day, activist JOE DE MARE of Bowling Green, Ohio, lays out the terms of the annual 3/11 power down to commemorate the horrific disaster that still pollutes our precious Pacific (http://www.toledofreepress.com/tag/nuclear-energy/ ). Joe tells us how every year a multi-stage UNPLUG boycott of electric use emphasizes public opposition to corporate control of our energy supply. He explains that while the Bowling Green utility owns 6 of its own windmills, it’s also signed on to a devastating power purchase contract with a coal-burning utility that is undermining the community’s economy.

From RIVERA SUN we hear about solar energy and utility issues in the New Mexico town of Taos, where she and her partner live in a solar-heated home. Rivera is an OCCUPY ACTIVIST ( http://www.riverasun.com ) and radio host who’s written and community/self published three novels including BILLIONAIRE BUDDHIST and THE DANDELION INSURRECTION. With a beautiful voice and a gentle soul, Rivera tells us of her excursions into non-violence and of what too much money can do to people.


It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown – A Different World – 03.11.15

That’s how Paul Craig Roberts, our guest once again this week, describes how the financial powers of Wall Street have so dramatically changed the world he knew when working with Ronald Reagan back in the 1980’s An outspoken critic and observer of government, history and American institutions, Roberts provides bracing insights into what’s going on around us in a world of opaque power centers and political illusions. He looks back on how Wall Street influence has rolled over the ability of government to serve public interests, consolidated industries like media and banking, and left us all susceptible to a grand plan to turn public assets into mere financial instruments for payment of bank debt.