Expat Files – 04.03.15

-With so many retired seniors and aging gringos looking to become expats, it’s not surprising the subject of Latin funerals, cemeteries and the disposition of fresh corpses (yours) should come up. Not something people like to talk about… but today we’ll do so out of necessity. Yes, south of the border there are many related options to consider… and some …


Leid Stories – 04.03.15

Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Progress Report Your Own Pressure Valve—“Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories! Keith Cook, the brother of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, gives a progress report on efforts to safeguard Mumia’s health and demand accountability by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for his deteriorated condition. Last Monday (March 30), Mumia was found passed out from diabetic shock and …


The Gary Null Show – 04.03.15

The pending social and economic disintegration ahead and what can be done to lessen or survive it?

Dmitry Orlov is a Russian-American engineer and author writing on the potential economic, environmental and political decline and collapse of the US and modern industrial culture. He was an eye witness to the collapse of the Soviet Union and has researched extensively its causes and the reasons for the failure of both the Soviets and the Americans to predict and understand it accurately. Dmirty is very popular among the Peak Oil community such as Richard Heinberg and frequently writes on the looming energy crisis.

Heart of Mind Radio – 04.03.15

All of humanity shares one greater Higher Self that has birthed all of our individual Higher Selves. On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio program we receive a message received by Kathryn, but intended for All. Higher Self on understanding the true creation story and the reason incarnated humans agreed to participate in the human experience with a veil of separation. …

LOA Today – 04.02.15

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, afraid, frustrated, or facing some kind of crisis, how can you turn things around? The Law of Attraction teaches us that you have start feeling positive again even though you feel so negative. Such a requirement can seem overwhelming when you’re in the depths of despair. This week on LOA Today, we talk about physical …


What Can Women Learn About Cancer Prevention From Angelina Jolie’s Surgeries with Dr. Christine Horner – 04.02.15

Christine Horner, M.D., FACS, is a nationally known surgeon, author and professional speaker and holds two board certifications: the National Board of Surgery and the National Board of Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Horner was recognized as a leader in her field shortly after starting her plastic and reconstructive surgery practice because she successfully ran a national campaign to pass laws requiring …

Cinque D'Jahspora

Leid Stories – 04.02.15

Q’s Life Still Matters: A Family’s Quest for Justice In A Police Killing      (Part 4) L’Sana DJahspora has been describing the heart-wrenching anguish and utter frustration his family has been experiencing since the night of Nov. 6, 2014. It was when he learned that his son, 20-year-old Cinque “Q” DJahspora, was shot dead by a police officer in Jackson, Tennessee, …