Leid Stories—Wanted: A Zero-Tolerance Progressive Coalition Plan—06.20.18

President Donald J. Trump has ramped up production. He and his administration are creating chaos almost by the hour now, with new “policies” that are wreaking havoc domestically and globally because they haven’t been thought through. Trump’s “zero-tolerance” family-separation immigration policy was earning kudos from his support base—until five first ladies, including Melania Trump, weighed in against it, as have …


Expanding Mind – None of This is Real – 06.21.18

A wide-ranging conversation with writer and teacher Miranda Mellis about uncanny climates, thinking with fables, empathic fictions, “don’t know” politics, Buddhist meditation, and the entanglement with the nonhuman. Download this episode (right click and save)


The Personal Computer Radio Show – 06.20.18

Personal Computer Show Wednesday, June 20th 2018 Broadcast PRN.fm on the INTERNET 6:00 PM ET WBAI – FM 99.5 NY On the Radio 9:00 PM ET HEADLINES 1. Sprint’s new $15 per month unlimited June 7 Sprint to end $15 per month unlimited promotion June 13 2. Verizon has a new, pricier unlimited plan with even more high-speed data: Verizon’s …


Global Alert News – 06.20.18

So many breaking dire headlines about the rapidly deteriorating state of the environment are pouring in that it is impossible to cover and comprehend all the incoming reports, but we must try just the same. What will be the response of global governments to all that is unfolding? The June 16th installment of Global Alert News is below. Download this episode (right click …


LOA Daily – 06.20.18

The Little Ways That LOA Interacts With Us In Our Lives Both Wendy and Walt share short stories from their own experience earlier today illustrating not only the power of the Law of Attraction, but also the power of thought. Wendy relates a tale about how she learned once again the value of, “staying in her own lane,” while Walt …


Progressive Commentary Hour – 06.20.18

Former President Bill Clinton is named in a lawsuit against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted in 2008 for soliciting prostitution on his private island. Most well-known for hosting lavish parties with prostitutes he allegedly hired for his guests at his home—which Clinton reportedly visited multiple times–Epstein may have also kept at least one sex slave, according to the lawsuit. …


It’s All About Food – Caryn Hartglass, Get Involved in your Life! – 06.19.18

Caryn Hartglass, Get Involved in your Life! Caryn reviews the new film Eating Animals. She asks the questions, “How Involved do you want to be with your life?” and What is the cost of convenience?” Find out more in this program. She shares a new recipe too: Mushroom Ginger Congee.           Download this episode (right click and save)

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The Gary Null Show – 06.19.18

Today is June 19th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment. Bad habits that lead to cancer, chronic disease corrected by simple lifestyle intervention, Plant-based diets improve cardiometabolic risk factors in diabetes patients, Higher vitamin D levels may be needed for colorectal cancer protection, Having stress-related disorder associated with …