Leid Stories – 04.07.15

Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari: Really A ‘Fresh Start? Badges, Bullets & Bodies: Police Killings at All-Time High Former military strongman Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president-elect, rode the crest of popular support for his campaign promise to rout both Boko Haram terrorists and rampant government corruption from the continent’s most populous nation. But as he forms his transition team and selects key members …


Project Censored – 04.07.15

This week’s show is a speech by author Peter Dale Scott in which he discusses both the “deep state”
(the network of powerful institutions behind the elected officials) and the history and expansion of the
federal “Continuity of Government” program. He spoke at Sonoma State University as part of the campus’s
first Social Justice Week March 26.


Black Agenda Radio – 03.30.15

Bottom Line: Fire Some Cops A U.S. Justice Department report shows Philadelphia police are five times as trigger happy as cops in New York City. The report contains 49 findings and 91 recommendations on better training and community relations, but Linn Washington Jr., a professor of journalism at Temple University, isn’t impressed. Over the past 25 years, the city’s police …


Global Research News Hour – The Good Soldier: Joshua Key, Living in Limbo – 04.06.15

On this Holiday edition of the Global Research News Hour, we hear speeches from a public event in support of American Iraq War Deserter Joshua Key. The event was held at the University of Winnipeg on March 29, 2015. Michelle Robidoux of the War Resisters Support Campaign updated the audience on the actions taken against Americans in Canada who sought …


Leid Stories – 04.06.15

Winds of Change in Chicago?: Rahm and “Chuy” Race to A Historic Finish It’s the eve of a historic election in Chicago, the first time an incumbent mayor has been forced into a runoff since the city adopted nonpartisan elections 20 years ago. The Windy City bristles with anticipation about the outcome. Even as Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his challenger, …