The Gary Null Show – 06.16.15

Gary gives us the latest health and healing plus other environmental and social news. Also,

Identifying the principles of a new spiritual democratic ideal that is emerging in the US and globally, with Dr. Steven Herrmann


Global Research – Yemen: The Silent Slaughter – 06.15.15

With a major humanitarian crisis hitting the population of Yemen in the wake of the Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign, the Global Research News Hour takes alook at the damage that has been done to civilians in the country, the roots of the conflict, the involvement of outside powers and the prospects for peace at the June 14 UN peace talks in Geneva, Switzerland.
Hisham Al-Omeisy is a Yemen information and political analyst based in Sana’a. He has through social media been relaying what he has been seeing and experiencing during the siege.
Ali Saeed is the General Secretary with the Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners. He speaks briefly about the polight of refugees and migrants in particular during the conflict.
Abayomi Azikiwe is a geopolicital analyst and the editor of Pan-African Newswire. He provides the historical and geo-political context to the unfolding catastrophe.


Leid Stories – 06.15.15

Hillary’s Off. And Running Against Obama?

Black Like Me: What Should Rachel Dolezal’s Story Mean to America?

A vapid yawner of a speech at the Iowa State Fairgrounds yesterday, scripted to the nth degree by her political handlers, did little to sell Hillary Clinton’s self-proclaimed superlative experience and skills in international trade. Instead, the Democratic presidential candidate took aim at her former boss and “buddy,” criticizing President Barack Obama’s handling of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and related trade issues, but not saying where she stands on the TPP. (Note to Hillary: Obama’s not running.)

Leid Stories explains what’s behind Hillary’s attack on Obama and her murkiness about her position on the TPP and similar trade agreements.

The national brouhaha rages on about Rachel Dolezal—the Eastern Washington University professor and president of the NAACP’s local chapter in Spokane—over her claimed African American identity.

What should Dolezal’s story, and the furor it has caused, mean to America?


Resistance Radio – Brent Plater – 06.14.15

Brent Plater is the executive director of the Wild Equity Institute, a San Francisco based non-profit organization that unites social justice and grassroots conservation movements in campaigns that build a more sustainable and just world for all. Brent is also a lecturer at San Francisco State University’s Environmental Studies Program and an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University School of Law.


Keeping Democracy Alive – The Tradition of American Democratic Socialism: 2016 Win? – 06.14.15

Bernie Sanders campaign is on fire at the moment. But it’s been said that when Americans hear the word Socialism, they stop thinking. Yet a clear majority actually agree with socialist positions on issues. Have we come far enough away from the fear used in the 1950s to actually elect a Democratic Socialist? History professor Lawrence Wittner analyzes where socialism has been in America and how it may impact who wins in 2016.


Economic Update – Higher Education in Crisis – 06.14.15

Updates analyze unemployment numbers to show what they hide as well as reveal. Responses to listeners’ questions expose the economics of lotteries and why the largest US corporations have recently used their profits to buy back their shares in the stock markets. An in-depth interview of Prof. Sohnya Sayres explores the end of free college and universities in the US, the rise of administrators dominating students and faculty, and what these trends have meant for the quality of higher education in the US.

Latin America

Expat Files – 06.14.15

It just might happen that a Latin friend or acquaintance will try to get you to support a local scumbag politician. Remember, it’s a huge feather in a politico’s hat to have a real live gringo at his or her event. Its considered a 1st world stamp of approval. No use telling a Latin that after a while, no matter …