Global Research News Hour – 03.09.15

On Friday February 27, a prominent Russian political figure, Boris Nemtsov, was murdered. Some effort has been made to try to connect this tragedy with the Russian government. This latest event takes place in the context of significant military casualties by Ukrainian forces in the Donbass, increasing dispatches of Canadian and US troops to the region, and an intensifying demonizayion …

Mark Dowie

Solartopia Green Power And Wellness Hour – 02.24.15

With guest MARK DOWIE, one of the great investigative reporters of our generation. Decades ago Mark broke the Ford Pinto story, and has followed it with literally scores of investigative pieces that have helped change the world.

Mark is now working on a fascinating book about the HAIDA GWAII, an astonishing First Nation living on about 150 islands in the great Canadian northwest. The Haida Gwaii have successfully protected their beautiful lands from extractive industries in a unique centuries-long campaign that Mark will explain in his next book, being published by Inkshares. Don’t miss this amazing discussion.


Leid Stories – 03.09.15

In Selma, Obama Builds A Bridge Over Many Troubled Waters Delivering the keynote address Saturday at the 50th-anniversary commemoration of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Ala., President Obama talked of the America that was, that is, and that is yet to be. March 7, 1965, when state troopers and local police violently waylaid a peaceful march from Selma to Montgomery calling …


The Burt Cohen Show – “Extremist” Birch Society of the 20th Century is the 21st Century Republican Party – 03.08.15

It used to be that when the word “Extremist” came up, the John Birch Society was the first thing you’d think of. Claire Conner was raised by two national leaders of the Birch Society. Her new book is “Wrapped in the Flag,” and she is a dedicated fighter for her country, trying desperately to make Americans realize that the John …


Economic Update – Economic Decline and Growing Resistance – 03.08.15

Updates on taxis vs Uber vs driver coops, an apology on Detroit, International Womens Day, and cutting workers’ compensation. Response to listeners on the economics of debts, past and present. Major discussions of (1) resisting economic decline: Minnesota governor, Emma Thompson and Pope Francis, (2) Wisconsin governor presides over economic decline, and (3) extremes of economic inequality.   Download this …


Expat Files – 03.08.15

-The strange relationship between dogs and coconuts   -Cockroach, “La Cucaracha” home invasions revisited. A new, expat gringa’s cautionary tale of her personal arthropodic woes   -Meanwhile one of our Expat Wisdom seminar alumni explains the new e-book he has written regarding his extensive “boots on the ground” experience and investigation of Spanish schools, Spanish tutors and Immersion families. Looks …


A Bowl of Soul – Super Sisters of Soul – 03-06-2015

The Show Is Over – Evelyn Champagne King – R&B – 1977
Inner City Bluyes – Sarah Vaughn – Jazz – 1971
He Holds His Own – The Supremes – R&B – 1966
Such A Fool – The Fascinations – R&B – 1967
Honey Bee – Gloria Gaynor – Disco/R&B – 1974
Dance Turned Into A Romance – The Jones Girls – R&B – 1980
I’m Thinking Of You – Sister Sledge – R&B – 1979
Never No More – Aaliyah – R&B – 2001
Let’s Rock – Chrisette Michelle – R&B – 2007
Message To Michael – Dionne Warwick- Pop/R&B – 1966
What We Gone Do – Conya Doss – R&B – 2010