Infectious Myth – War Peace and Lesser Concerns – 12.08.15

In Episode 82 David discusses the causes of violence around the world, particularly gun violence in the United States. He also addresses political correctness, in the form of campus protests, good and bad, and also the notion of “Cultural Appropriation”. And speaking of politically correct, he addresses science that is politically correct, but perhaps not scientifically correct.


Ask Beatty – 12.07.15

Today was Beatty’s birthday and she talked about the importance for all of us to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are in life currently and most importantly, where we want to go and what plans we have to reach our new goals and destination. This is an exercise that we all need to engage in from time to time.

She also discussed the importance of trying to work out differences with the significant people in our lives and not resist getting professional help when necessary. However, she stressed that under no circumstances should anyone remain in toxic, destructive, or self destructive relationships with anyone…family included.


Leid Stories – 12.07.15

Obama’s Re-Renewed War on Guns and Terror

Last Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.—in which two shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27, killed 14 people and wounded 21 others at a holiday party before being killed in a shootout with police—was the focus of a national address by President Barack Obama last night. It was an act of terrorism, he said, and his administration is dealing resolutely with it, both domestically and in conjunction with U.S. allies. Leid Stories deconstructs the president’s speech.


Resistance Radio – Stella Strega Scoz – 12.06.15

Stella Strega Scoz is an Italian scientist who worked as an activist for the anti-nuclear campaign in her teens, then for radical feminism, racism & disability awareness in her twenties, before discovering permaculture design and bringing her radical & campaigning spirit into building award-winning community-run urban permaculture projects, during the mid 90s, in South London. For the last 15 years she has lived in the Canary Islands & has focused on mentoring young activists and creating better support systems for change-makers, radicalizing the permaculture curriculum and studying how to design for collective intelligence, better participatory democracy and effective bioregional eco-economy systems. She is currently coordinator of the 8thLife ecovillage project and the Integral Permaculture Academy.


Expat Files – 12.06.15

-There are many thousands, of US government slugs posted in Latin America; contractors, embassy personal, military support, security people, clandestine operatives and more. Most of these govt drones seem to be clueless about the severe problems within the Big Brother police state they are part of. In fact , most are just putting in their time waiting it out for that fat pension (while they bury their classist snouts deep in the public trough). But what about those few enlightened govt. insiders living and working in Latin America who know the system can’t last and is about to implode? Today we have a story of one such guy…

-Vigilante groups: occasionally Latin citizens get so pissed off at their lazy ass cops, they the law into their own hands…

-We all know people stateside who live day to day on their credit cards and are absolutely terrible with money. Unfortunately, today Latin America today, credit card mania has arrived with a vengeance (within the middle classes and above) and now the whole individual and family society seems to be on the edge of insolvency.