The Gary Null Show – 07.24.15

All the latest for you in health and healing – information on living a longer and happier life to start your weekend, including real talk on reversal of diabetes versus harmful medications. Then, there’s a vitamin that destroys cancer cells? Plus fresh commentary and perspectives on world and political issues, including the plight of food waste in America, and the truthful motivations behind popular opinions on vaccination. And much more from your empowerment hour!


Tools to heal troubled feelings – Energy Stew interview with Alka Dhillon – 07.24.15

There’s an art to managing feelings by using and trusting esoteric tools. Alka Dhillon has learned to manage her fears and weaknesses by using special modalities to enhance her life.  She addresses many of these struggles in her book “The OM Factor” and provides the fixes for each. Although she says the book is “a woman’s spiritual guide to leadership”, …

Latin America

Expat Files – 07.24.15

-Today we have a report on my recent Latin American “Expat Wisdom” seminar that ended just a few days ago. How did go? We’ll discuss an email from a married couple to see what they made of it.

-Don’t be hasty when seeking out short-term rentals. Due diligence is necessary and that takes some time. Its a renter’s market and you must be prepared to low ball them and walk away. There are hundreds of rentals available and owners know it. So if you can pull it off, always have a local negociate without you present to avoid “gringo prices”.

-More details on achieving temporary and permanent residency. The rules are always changing and are slightly different from country to country.

-The two simplest and least expensive Latin residency programs as of July 2015

-A discussion regarding gringos and expats who decide to skip out of the USA leaving a trail of unpaid debts. Sometimes that’s actually part of the plan. True, a good percentage of expats do occasionally leave some dirty laundry behind and on purpose – out of sight out of mind. But be careful. What happens if for some reason one has to return to the states if even for a funeral or a short business trip? Will that dirty laundary come back to haunt you? Depends. What about skipping out on federal debts like taxes and school loans?

-How the Uncle Sam can block your passport and get you deported back to Cleveland

Follow the consult link on the main page at and Johnny will help you sort out your Latin American plans.


It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown – We’re All Greeks Now – 07.22.15

It isn’t just the Greeks, or the Cypriots, or the Irish, or the Icelanders suffering the price of financial terrorism – the extractive demands of global central banks on display in Greece are actively draining the marrow of impoverished communities the world over. Ellen speaks with author and expert Stephen Lendman about the financial powers forcibly overruling Greek democracy, and their intentions to do so everywhere. Co-host Walt McRee speaks with an official of one California county government pushing back against convicted bank felons, and later discusses new human evolutionary awareness about our relationship with money with philosopher Robert Bows. And Matt Stannard discusses our myths about “the Great American Entrepreneur” on the Public Banking Report.


Virginia Reed announcement

The Progressive Radio Network is saddened to announce the passing of one of our long time distinguished hosts, Virginia Reed, whose show “A Woman’s Perspective” presented a finely-curated program of eminent guests in the arts, and consistent fresh insights on creativity and the human condition. We are told by her life partner Michael that, though fighting adverse health conditions, hosting …


Leid Stories – 07.23.15

The Price of ‘Progress’: Justice Compromised, Delayed and Denied

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch yesterday announced a 33-count federal indictment of Dylann Storm Roof, the 21-year-old white supremacist who on June 17 shot and killed nine church members and wounded three others during bible study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.

Meanwhile, the family of Sandra Bland is contesting official reports that the 28-year-old woman hanged herself in a Waller County, Texas, jail cell after being arrested for switching lanes without signaling.

“Attorney at War” Alton H. Maddox Jr. takes issue with the official handling of these and other recent cases, pointing up longstanding flaws in American jurisprudence that maintain a two-tiered system of justice.


iEat Green – Interview with Megan Miller of Bitty Foods – 07.23.15

My guest is Megan Miller, the founder of Bitty Foods, a company that makes desserts out of cricket flour. Megan’s prior work in Global Media had her traveling to different parts of Asia and Latin America, where eating insects is a regular part of the diet. The idea of introducing edible insects to the Western culture came out of that experience, and her time in a pastry kitchen of a fine-dining restaurant informed her decision to use desserts as the medium. Cricket flour is high in protein, free of grains, and is packed with healthy fats and micro-nutrients. Are edible insects a part of our future? Listen to my interview with Megan Miller to find out!

Sandra Bland

The Mark Riley Show – 07.22.15

Officer threatened Sandra Bland with Taser, police video shows. And that’s not all. The video that shows her stop for FAILURE to SIGNAL when changing lanes appears to have been edited. And now she’s dead.

City Hall, in counterattack, casts Uber as corporate behemoth. Yeah, like New York isn’t home to dozens of corporate behemoths. If that weren’t enough, as I predicted on another show last night, Gov. Cuomo has weighed in against the mayor’s position. Sheeeesh!

Hackers expose first Ashley Madison users. You knew this was coming. Divorce lawyers must be licking their chops. Ashley Madison’s parent company calls it a form of terrorism. Over the top, or what? Anyone feel sorry for the people about to get exposed?