LOA Today – 07.02.15

Are you in the flow? That’s the state of high performance that athletes, entertainers, and top business performers talk about. They’re “in the zone”, “in the flow”, and they experience a perfect balance of skills and performance. People who are “in the zone” or “in the flow” are happier, more productive, and generally lead more satisfying lives.

This week on LOA Today, we inquire about what it takes to be in the flow by looking at the scientific evidence through the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the father of Flow research and one of the founding fathers of the recent surge in the study of positive psychology.


What Women Must Know – The Top Tips for Weight Loss with Dr. Sandeep Grewal – 07.02.15

Dr. Sandeep Grewal is board certified by American Board of Internal Medicine. He was awarded “innovation in Healthcare’ award by Charlotte Business Journal in 2012 and also named ’40 under 40′ in 2013. He has appeared in several television and radio shows and this is his third authored book. He is also the co-inventor of the SlimPlate System and so-author of the book, Fat-Me-Not: Weight Loss Diet of The Future


Leid Stories – 07.02.15

Activist Attorney’s Case Against Obama: He’s A ‘Race Traitor’

In a June 29 article in the political journal CounterPunch, Thomas Ruffin, an activist and attorney in private practice in Washington, D.C., makes the case that President Barack Obama is “a race traitor.”

Ruffin’s provocative article is the focal point of Leid Stories’ discussion today.

mark riley

Mark Riley Show – 07.01.15

Lead Story

Tsipras signals Greece may accept bailout terms. So I have to ask, what’s the difference between Greece stiffing banks and American governors stiffing pension funds? Many of them, including now presidential candidate Chris Christie are doing just that.

Top Stories

Patience spent, de Blasio accuses Cuomo hurting New York City out of revenge. So now their spat is out in the open. When Cuomo began his first term, I asked whether he’d be more interested in making deals with the GOP led Senate than the Democratic controlled Assembly. Now we have our answer. De Blasio’s problem is in the timing.


iEat Green – n Interview with Catherine Jones, CEO of Werbie, a Startup Catering to Women’s Health, Nutrition, and Wellness – 07.02.15

This week, my guest is Catherine Jones, the co-founder and CEO of Werbie, LLC, a startup catering to women’s health, nutrition and wellness in the digital world. I first met Catherine this past winter, when we both ventured west, to participate in the Food Hackathon and Forum in San Fransisco. Catherine is passionate about food and nutrition, and we found ourselves on the same team, working for a common goal. We quickly became friends, and I knew I wanted to invite her on my show, to talk about her work, and her most recent book, Calories In, Calories Out.imagesPlease join us, as we talk about her award winning books, and the work of Werbie, LLC!

Fearless Parent Radio – Toxicity, Hydration, and Healing – 07.01.15

Guest // Nicholas Gonzales, MD Host // Sayer Ji Why do we get sick? What is cancer? Are dietary changes, coffee enemas, and large amounts of supplements and enzymes truly able to accomplish miracles? How can a world renowned cancer doctor also help patients with CFS, MS, and other intractable, mysterious conditions? Imagine new paradigms on health and healing that use natural, individualized approaches …