Leid Stories – 12.16.15

Charades: What the Republican ‘Debate’ Proved About the Media
Leid Stories predicted that yesterday’s heavily marketed Republican Q&A, cohosted by CNN and Facebook, would focus on “terrorism and related issues—immigration, homeland security, ISIS and, of course, the “good” Muslims/”bad” Muslims racist canard.” And so it did. Today, Leid Stories expands on yesterday’s theme—the why of it all, and the media’s role in helping to create and propagate an alternate reality and narrative.


The Gary Null Show – 12.16.15

Dr. Christine Horner is a nationally recognized surgeon, complementary physician, author and a vocal advocate for natural approaches to women’s health. She was instrumental in the passing of a national bill signed by President Clinton that required insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. She writes columns for the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine and Wellbella, and her writings are featured in dozens of women’s magazines. She has received numerous awards for her work in promoting alternative medical approaches to health. Her groundbreaking book on natural approaches to preventing and treating breast cancer through diet, lifestyle, herbs and supplements is “Waking the Warrior Goddess: Program to Protect Against and Fight Breast Cancer,” which received the Independent Publisher Best Book Award of the Year for Health, Medicine and Nutrition. Her website is DrChristineHorner. com


Trends This Week – Trends and Consequences in all this War Talk – 12.16.15

Global forecaster Gerald Celente is mad as hell. The last segment of the Presidential Reality Show in 2016, the CNN debate with GOP hopefuls on December 15, was a cesspool of senseless war mongering. Not a peep for peace. Not a hint of talk about what created this cycle of endless war; only how to increase the death count and improve the precision in which the United States and its coalition of the willing fan the flames of the War on Terror. No one is looking back at the steps taken by the gutless, mindless leaders who launched this war in the first place. Instead, cloaked in crowd-rousing bravado, the Presidential Reality Show contestants promise to take the same path. Elsewhere in this show, Celente provides more details about his exciting “Prepare for 2016” retreat in Naples, Florida with Gary Null, and offers insights into the Fed’s pending interest rate hike.


Progressive Commentary Hour – 12.15.15

Chris Hedges is one of our nation’s most insightful cultural critics, social and political activists and investigative journalists. For almost 20 years he was a foreign correspondent in war zones and conflicts in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans, having reported for The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and other news outlets. While at the Times, Chris received the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for reporting on global terrorism. That same year he received Amnesty International’s Global Award for Human Rights Journalism. Chris has authored many bestselling books. His most recent is “Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt”, a philosophical, historical and timely clarion call for a new revolution against a repressive political and corporate hegemony. Chris’ weekly column can be read every Monday at Truthdig.com and his TV program “Days of Revolt” is aired every Monday at 11 pm Eastern on Telesur TV

Prof. Norman Pollack is a professor emeritus of history at Michigan State University in East Lansing Michigan. He has a long history of engaging civil rights and anti-war activities over the decades, beginning when he was 15 and campaigning for Henry Wallace and his Progressive Party in 1948. Later he campaigned for Adlai Stevenson in the 50s and supported Martin Luther King. A two time Guggenheim fellow, Prof. Pollack was a major intellectual voice during the late 60s in giving an knowledgeable boost to the New Left and writing on American populism, which became an popular documentary “The Populist Mind”. After receiving his doctorate in American Civilization from Harvard, he taught at Yale and Wayne State before going to Michigan. In his later years he has focused on the history of civil disobedience, socio-political alienation, and the sociology of fascism. Prof. Pollack currently writes for Counterpunch.org, and investigates America’s descent into a new form of neoliberal fascism.


Leid Stories – 12.15.15

‘Terrorism’ Bolsters Republican ‘Debate’ and CNN’s Bid for Campaign Ad Dollars
The fifth—and, gratefully, last—Republican big-media Q&A (it’s not a debate) for 2015 airs tonight. Staged at The Venetian, the resort hotel and casino in Las Vegas, the Q&A is actually a two-parter—an undercard of four candidates who didn’t quite make the cut in the polls, and the main event featuring nine others who did. It shouldn’t surprise that “terrorism” and related issues—immigration, homeland security, ISIS and, of course, the “good” Muslims/”bad” Muslims racist canard—will dominate the discussion; it’s the kind of political hash that presidential hopefuls would feast upon and willingly share out to voters. But big media is after big money, and CNN gets to make the point tonight to all pols and parties concerned why it deserves the lion’s share of the $5 billion in campaign advertising industry analysts say is up for grabs in the 2016 election cycle, the costliest in U.S. history.


The Gary Null Show – 12.15.15

Prof. David Montgomery is a geomorphologist & environmentalist in the Earth and Space Sciences division at the University of Washington’s College of the Environment. He specializes in the evolution of geological topography and the influence of geomorphological processes on ecological systems and human societies. His research has taken him world wide, the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest to the Andes, the Himalayas and Tibetan plateau. Joining him is his wife Anne Bikle, a biologist and environmental planner whose work includes watershed restoration and advancing public health through environmental initiatives.

David has author several important works, including “Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations”, and together their most recent book is “The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health” that exposes the critical role the microbiomes in our soil and in our guts play to sustain life and health. Their website is Dig2Grow.com


The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – Pharmacogenetics: The Prescription Medication Puzzle with Dr. Valerie Ferdinand – 12.15.15

Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN , www.naturalnurse.com , interviews Valerie Ferdinand, N.D. Dr. Ferdinand is a licensed naturopathic physician with an integrative medicine practice in the Portland, Oregon area. Dr. Ferdinand received her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Micro/Molecular Biology from Portland State University, and her Doctorate of Naturopathy from the National College of Natural Medicine. Dr. Ferdinand works with various laboratories and is a presenter at multiple conferences and webinars to discuss topics concerning genetic health. Contact Info:Woodstock Natural Health Clinic


Project Censored – 12.15.15

David Talbot’s latest book, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA and the Rise of America’s Secret Government, examines the post-WWII U.S. intelligence sector and the power it wields, by following the career of Wall Street lawyer, diplomat and spymaster Allen Dulles. Talbot discussed his new book with fellow author Peter Dale Scott, in a public event at the Mechanics’ Institute Library in San Francisco on December 2, 2015. Talbot says he believes CIA assassins were responsible for the death of John F. Kennedy.

David Talbot founded the website Salon.com He was an editor at Mother Jones magazine, and he’s written for Rolling Stone, the New Yorker and other publications. His earlier books include Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years.

Peter Dale Scott is a retired Canadian diplomat, professor emeritus of English at UC Berkeley, and a prolific author. His most recent book is The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy. He writes extensively about the “deep state,” a de facto government that exists beneath the elected one.