The Vinyl Experience – 04.15.16

Vinyl Experience 297

Record Store Day

Animals: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place US Single Vesion (Animal Trax, 10 Inch Vinyl)
David Bowie: TVC15 (Picture Disc)
Fleetwood Mac: Tusk (The Alternate Tusk)
Focus: Hocus Pocus (7 inch colored viyl)
Grateful Dead: Eyes Of The World (Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ 4/25/77)
Jethro Tull: Too Old To Rock And Roll (Live album concert for British TV)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: Androgynous (Sinner LP reissue)
The Kinks: Mr. Pleasant (4 song 7 inch EP)
Langhorne Slim & The Law: Spirit Moves (Live At Grimeys- instore performance for the LP “Spirit Moves”
Maisden Ward And The Mama Bear: Silent Movies (Live At Grimeys, instore for LP “Skeleton Crew”
Madonna: Holiday (12 inch EP reissue of 1984 EP)
Monkees: (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (Rhino Classic Album Collection, the 9 studio LPs and a rarities disc
Moody Blues: Go Now (reissue of the LP “#1”)
Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen (“Never Mind The Bollocks” picture disc


Alternative Visions – Verizon Workers’ Strike and How Corporations Are Destroying US Jobs – 04.15.16

Jack Rasmus discusses the strike of 36,000 communication workers that began this week at Verizon Communications and how it reflects the radical destruction by corporations of decent jobs in the US that has been occurring since the 1990s. Jack calculates 52 million of the total 157 million jobs in the US labor force today are some form of ‘contingent’ or so-called ‘alternative work’ arrangements, paying substandard wages and few if any benefits. The Verizon strike represents worker-union efforts to stop corporate conversion of full time regular jobs to ‘contingent,’ outsourced, contract work. Jack discusses a recent Princeton Univ. study that shows temp and independent contract jobs have risen by 9.4 million just since 2005—i.e. more than the total increase in new jobs (9.1m) over the same period. Full time contingent jobs now total 23.6m, according to the Princeton study. Add to that 26 m more in part time contingent employment, plus another 8.2m unemployed and more than 60 million US workers now earn less than full time wages and virtually no benefits. And more if the ‘Uberization’ of work underway is considered. Median earnings for the 50m barely exceed $30k a year. Jack explains this is at the core of the growing working class discontent in the US that is fueling both the Trump and the Sanders candidacies. Jack speculates on the possibility of a 4-way race for the presidency in this year’s elections. The show concludes with a review of the global economy, including the IMF’s recent lowered forecast, China’s recent GDP stats, and Jack revisiting his prior forecast the US economy would again stagnant and approach zero GDP growth for the first quarter 2016 in stats out in a couple of weeks.


Leid Stories – You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet! It’s Debate Time on ‘Free Your Mind Friday!’ – 04.15.16

Think last night’s Clinton-Sanders faceoff was something? Well, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! Hear the sparks fly on Leid Stories’ “Free Your Mind Friday,” the best people’s forum in Radioland. Great minds gather here at the end of the week to analyze and share information, opinions and ideas about news and issues that matter to our growing community. Callers decide what they want to talk about, and are free to take on other callers’ points of view. The battle of ideas is all done with great respect—and a generous helping of humor. Join in! Call 888-874-4888 and take your turn at the people’s podium!


The Gary Null Show – 04.15.16

On “The Gary Null Show” today, Gary discusses these topics and here are the link to help you understand more.

Vital nutrient has key role in keeping body clocks running on time

More exposure to vegetation linked with lower mortality rates in women

UF/IFAS study: Mushrooms boost immunity

Childhood allergies reduced by Vitamin D

Watering our garden with city water injects pharmaceuticals into your veggies

Add nature, art and religion to life’s best anti-inflammatories

Quick music break and back with more news

Utah whistleblower lawsuit alleges data errors, research misconduct as CDC report releases U.S. autism rate of 1.5%

Plastic bags are hurting more than the environment

The world’s largest dump: China and The great Pacific Garbage Patch

Eat less meat: CO2 emission of our food

How much water does it take to grow a hamburger?

Flying less is about environmental and social equity

7 Reasons we buy more stuff than we need

World footprint do we fit on the planet?

Do not buy wood anymore?

Quick music break and Gary came back with his guest, William Robinson.

Here is Mr. Robinson’s bio:

Prof William Robinson is Professor of Sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is also the university’s faculty of Latin American Studies and in the Global and International Studies Program. He describes himself as a scholar-activist, who is deeply involved in American domestic and Third World struggles for social justice, popular empowerment of populations and participatory democracy and government. His areas of focus include globalization, transnationalism, political economics, immigration and a variety of sociological issues. William received his graduate degrees from the University of New Mexico, and has published eight books, his latest being “Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity.” His website is


Energy Stew – Karen Frances – 04.15.16

Are you aware of the “other side”? Have you ever communicated with spirits? What is life like when you’re connected to other dimensions?

Karen Frances is a gifted medium who talks frequently with folk on the “other side”. She grew up steeped in Celtic mysticism and the spiritual traditions of Ireland and as a child, communicated with spirits. She’s an advocate of the ethical practice of mediumship, undergoing intensive training at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College and earning accreditation in mediumship, spiritual healing, and inspirational speaking by its governing body, the Spiritualist National Union.


Expat Files – 04.15.16

– It’s true that most Gringos and Expats who vote with their feet and make the move to Latin America are either young, single (usually men), empty nesters, or retirees. However a there is a small, determined and growing percentage of Gringos and Expats who decide to bring their whole family down. That means very young kids and sometimes grandma and grandpa too. Today we talk about some concerns that parents of young children have as they piece together their own “Plan B” – the eventual permanent relocation of the family to Latin America.

– You can build your Latin American dream house for a quarter of those stateside prices too… and today we’ll discuss the how’s and why’s…

– Today, April 15th we have Part Three of our interview with a professional Expat tax preparer. He lives in Medellin, Colombia and knows the peculiarities of Expats and US taxes. Today we’ll ask more Expat tax questions.


Heart of Mind Radio – 04.15.16

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis continues to bring forth the wisdom of the “Collective Over-Soul of Human-Earth Embodiment” and offers a meditation for integration with this aspect of our collective higher self. Listeners have an opportunity to call in during the program to ask about their life journey and or obstacles.


LOA Today – 04.14.16

Unemployed? It can be tough being without a job in these times. It can also be tough to get that “dream job” when you don’t feel fulfilled in your current job. This week, we talk about how to use the Law of Attraction to get the job of your dreams. We include a story of a young man Joel knows who created a job beyond his wildest imaginings using the Law of Attraction.