Economic Update – System Toxicity – 08.16.15

Updates on China’s currency moves, UK’S Corbyn like US Sanders, adjuncts unionize, Pepsi and Coke offer self-serving health advice, Rand Paul’s misunderstanding of economics. We answer questions about what happened to US real wages from 1974 to 2014. We analyze why no consensus about global warming, what are toxic effects of rising inequality, and role of psychologists in advertising.


Alternative Visions – Social Security’s 80th Birthday And Still Under Attack – 08.15.15

Jack Rasmus and guest, Eric Laursen, discuss the current condition of social security programs in the US today, on this month’s 80th anniversary of the passage of the social security law. A program which has immense popular support by Americans of all political persuasions is nonetheless still under attack, with plans by business and conservative forces to somehow privatize it and let Wall St. get their hands on the money to charge fees and interest. Jack explains how the privatization of defined benefit pension plans in the US since the 1980s and the ongoing privatization of health insurance have led to dual crises that will eventually explode in costs, loss of income, and great hardships. Social Security privatization would lead to the same. Jack and Eric discuss the different conditions of the various funds within social security—the retirement and disability funds, Medicare hospital and doctor coverage, and the prescription drug plan. Both explain how minor changes can ensure funding for all funds to the end of the century. Initiatives to expand social security to provide more benefits are also discussed.


Expat Files – 08.16.15

-There are many potential problems with Latina/Gringo love matches… let me count the ways: Gringo/Latin romantic relationships face many cultural clashes(i.e. religion, language, music, family, friends, Exes, etc.) Even so, long term gringos will freely admit the mistakes they’ve made in that regard seem to start early- often they were a bit desperate and lonely upon arrival in Latin America, looking for love in all the wrong place

-How about the countless cases where a good and generous gringo boyfriend and/or husband ends up as a perpetual meal ticket for his Latin lady’s extended family? That common situation often causes much friction and eventual breakup

-What happens when a Gringo ends up in Latin family court?
Just lately, Latin family courts have been stacked with female judges. Thus, after decades of all male macho rule and edict Latin women are finally getting a shot at ending, or at least limiting, centuries of cart blanche “testosterone” rule of law. So these days, as far as family court, for men the pendulum often swings the other way. Women are now capable of getting a sort of legal revenge… and men are yelling foul. Sound familiar?

-A clueless, stupid Gringo gets nailed in Latin Family Court: a true story


Follow the consult link on the main page at www.ExpatWisdom.com and Johnny will help you sort out your Latin American plans.


Let’s Create A Better World – 08.15.15

Guest: Dr. Ren, a naturopath
Dr. Ren, America’s holistic sweetheart, spoke about aging, healthy lifestyle, Cancer, Heart and Cardiovascular issues, her videos about various conditions, and some very sound advice for people to be healthier.

Guest: Stefan Rudolph
Our second guest, Stefan Rudolph, talked about a major health show he is managing that will be taking place soon; he also talked about overcoming obstacles, exercise, diet and the power of the mind.


Let’s Create A Better World – 08.08.15

Guest: Liz Barris; EMF, Wireless Radiation Activist

Liz talked about Electro Magnetic Frequency Pollution that surrounds most of us everywhere all the time which negatively affects our health. This includes Smart Meters that the power companies are installing on people’s homes, cell phones, cell phone towers, the dangers in trains and recreational vehicles (RV’s), outside electrical wiring, indoor and outdoor wi-fi, cordless home landline phones and more. Some people are very sensitive to these and can get very sick. Others are not aware how it’s affecting them. Liz is warning us, the Public, of what we need to know about these harmful radioactive sources.