The Vinyl Experience – 04.17.15

Squeeze: If I Didn’t Love You Buddy Holly: Peggy Sue Elvis Presley: Peace In The Valley Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where The Time Goes CSNY: Carry On Oasis: Wonderwall Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart: Morning Dew The Police: Bed’s Too Big Without You Percy Sledge: When A Man Loves A Woman Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love Pearl Jam: Just …


Five Minute Relationship Repair – Energy Stew interview with Susan Campbell – 04.17.15

You can quickly heal upsets, deepen intimacy and strengthen love through working with your differences. Once you can recognize your triggers and understand how they are set off by your patterns of core emotions you can manage yourself and your relationships better. Susan Campbell and co-author John Grey have written this extremely helpful book, “Five Minute Relationship Repair”, which can get …


Heart of Mind Radio – 04.17.15

On today’s program in the first segment Kathryn will focus on a discourse and meditation on connecting with one’s Divine Nature. In the second segment Kathryn speaks about the power of lucid dreaming as an access point to higher 4th, and lover 5th dimensional experiences and offers instructions on how to attain a state of mind that is conducive to lucid dreaming.

Latin America flags

Expat Files – 04.17.15

-Part 2: Obtaining Residency in a Latin country (as of April, 2015): Today we finish our discussion on the complete, unabridged, very up to date, step-by-step process of applying for and receiving temporary and permanent residency in Latin America… leading to naturalization, citizenship and a passport. Here’s the tail end of the complete process describing the hoops and hurdles a …


Political Analysis – 04.16.15

Segment one featured Sydney Brownstone, a reporter for The Stranger, Seattle’s only newspaper, an alt-weekly and a Pulitzer Prize-winning publication. Brownstone talked about her latest reporting on the oil-by-rail legal battle pitting the Swinowish Tribe vs. Warren Buffett’s rail company giant BNSF Railway, as well as her prolific reporting on the battle over Shell’s movement to use Seattle’s port to store its tankers and accessories there as it awaits an opportunity to tap oil in the Arctic.

Segment two featured Adam Brown and Jason Reid, Director and Producer respectively of the documentary Sonicsgate, which covers the business wheeling and dealing that forced the Seattle SuperSonics to move from Seattle to become the Oklahoma City Thunder.


LOA Today – 04.16.15

Do you pinch off? That’s the phrase that Abraham-Hicks and other Law of Attraction experts use to describe turning away from source energy. This week on LOA Today, we talk about pinching off … why we do it … how we do it … and how we can turn it around, start to feel good again, and start attracting what …


What Women Must Know – A Mother’s Loving Journey with a Vaccine Injured Daughter with Karen Kain – 04.16.15

Author and Parent Advocate for Special Needs families, Karen Kain has become a beacon of light carrying an inspiring message with purpose. In her memoir, “A Unique Life Fully Lived: A Personal Story of Love, Hope and Courage”,  Karen has written a mother’s loving tribute to her only daughter in her search to create a ‘full life’ for Lorrin,  wheelchair …