Economic Update – Teaching High School Economics – 11.01.15

Updates on Obama harshness re student debt, how much corps and rich abuse tax havens, MIT rejects fossil-fuel divestment, profit over safety at tylenol company. Response to listener on where US economy headed now. Interview life-long high school teacher Alan Schulman on teaching economics after the 2008 crisis: problems and prospects.


A Just Cause – Spotlight on Capitol Hill with U.S. Rep Charles Rangel reflecting on 9/11 – 11.01.15

The host Cliff Stewart, Lisa Stewart and Lamont Banks talks with U.S. Rep Charles Rangel about his thoughts on 9/11. Where are we today and “Never Forget” the tragedy to New York city and the United States of America.


Let’s Create A Better World – 10.31.15

On the Bobby Elias show today, co-host Stefan Rudolph discusses health and wellness topics with Nathan Crane. Nathan is an award winning author, inspirational speaker, conscious filmmaker, and highly sought after publisher and promoter of personal growth teachings, books, events and training courses. Our topics on the show include sustainability of our earth and resources, discussion on the foods we eat, steps in living an abundant fulfilled life and taking your wealth and wellness to the next level through education and awareness. Also, Nathan’s launch of his upcoming summit “The Search for Sustainability”. Nathan Crane is the founder of the Panacea Companies including The Panacea Community, Panacea Publishing, Inc., Panacea Life School, and Panacea Hope and impacts and transforms hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.


A Bowl of Soul – 10.30.15

A Bowl of Soul Broadcast – 10-30-2015

Take Me Higher – Diana Ross – House/R&B – 1995
Right On For The Darkness – Curtis Mayfield – R&B – 1973
It’s A Love Thing – Pete Rock And CL Smooth – Hip Hop/R&B – 2004
Soul Dressing – Booker T & The MG’s – R&B – 1965
I Am Not a King – Delroy Wilson – Rock Steady – 1967
Sacred Kind Of Love – Grover Washington, Jr.& Phyllis Hyman – Smooth Jazz/R&B – 1990
Magic Mountain – Eric Burdon and War – R&B – 1970
Never Gonna Stop – Linda Clifford – R&B/Funk – 1979
Cologne – Eric Nolan – R&B – 2014
Make It – Mike Jasper – R&B/Funk – 2015
Put It In Ya Life$ – Connie G – Southern Soul/R&B – 2015


The Vinyl Experience – 10.30.15

VE 244 A 10/31/14 Hard Rockin’ Halloween

Cream: Born Under A Bad Sign

Jim Carrol Band: People Who Died

Guns N Roses: I Used To Love Her

Alice Cooper: Welcomre To My Nightmare

Ramones: Pet Semetary

Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Invention: My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama

Metallica: The Four Horsemen

Howlin’ Wolf: Evil

Jeff Beck Group: Ain’t Superstitious

Ozzy Osbourne: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Time Warp

The Who: Boris The Spider

Lou Reed: Halloween Parade

John Zacherle: Limb From Limbo Rock


Heart of Mind Radio – 10.30.15

On Today’s Heart of Mind Radio we feature the inspirational work of Michael Bernard Beckwith with excerpts from his audio program Your Life’s Purpose. Kathryn Davis, host of Heart Of Mind Radio will introduce her new Mission Statement and creation of a new opportunity to network in the support of each others creative efforts and manifestation of peace and prosperity within our lives.

Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of the Agape International community in Los Angeles. He is the featured teacher in the film The Secret, and has appeared on The Operah Winfrey Show, Lary King Live, Tavis Smiley, and his own PBS Special. His books include Spiritual Liberation, The Answer is You and Life Visioning. You will find information about his audio programs at SoundsTrue.com


Alternative Visions – Dissecting US 3rd Quarter GDP Numbers Today – 10.30.15

Jack Rasmus looks beneath the surface of today’s announced preliminary figures for third quarter 2015 GDP, which slowed sharply at 1.5% from the previous quarter’s 3.9% official growth rate. Jack predicts the US economy is headed, once again, in early 2016 for another ‘relapse’ with US GDP collapsing to zero or near zero growth—for the fifth time of a single quarter collapse since 2011. The US economy is on a ‘stop-go’ trajectory of periodic single quarter ‘relapses’ followed by short, shallow recoveries. Jack notes a similar process globally has been occurring in Europe and Japan, where ‘recessions’ instead of ‘relapses’ occur. 3rd Quarter US data show problems in business spending on inventories, business structures and equipment investment. Problems in US manufacturing and exports continue and will worsen, he argues, and housing growth will remain tepid based on high end residences and apartments. Jack challenges claims by media and economists that US consumer spending will continue to prop up the US economy, citing recent negative wage growth, deflating prices, and rising household debt. Look for 4th quarter growth no better than third, then a ‘relapse’ in 2016 as the likely trajectory. In the second half of the show, Rasmus discusses how US multinational corporations like Apple, Google, Starbucks and others manipulate global tax loopholes, how Wall St. manipulates the pharmaceutical companies, and how US consumers pay for pharma-bank profits and multinational corps taxes. Why politicians in office, and running, will do nothing about it—and pass even more tax cuts for US corporations after 2016 elections.