Rumbling of War on the Horizon – 03.06.15

The emphasis today is on ‘War’. War is the theme of the Wake-Up Call for 2015 and we examine the background and possible prelude to the outbreak of such a war. We look at previous examples of war (Civil War, WW1 & 2) and find similarities in the lead-up to hostilities. Possible scenarios to look out for. The use of terrorism ( a straw man, if ever there was one) and fear-mongering by governments to pacify potential trouble-makers who oppose war. The pernicious effects of renewed subprime lending, already ramped up to levels not seen since the 2008 financial crisis.


Oil & Water, the Film & Round Table – 03.03.15

Tuesday, March 3, 3pm EST: This week’s featured film is Oil & Water, a story about an indigenous Ecuadorian from the Amazon Rain forest who comes to the U.S. at age 10 and is the first of his tribe to visit the U.S. And it’s about an American boy who becomes completely interested, intrigued with life in the Ecuadorian Rain …


The Gary Null Show – 03.06.15

With guest Daniel Estulin, addressing the topic: what is the global elite’s real agenda in allowing economic, social, and political chaos to reign?

Also: The latest on health and healing – a vegetarian diet and/or mediterranean diet cuts heart disease risk by 50 percent, olive oil could be important for helping with cancer, turmeric can help you with stroke, and oxygen may improve tumor-fighting cells, and better mid-life fitness slows your brain’s aging. A short newsmaker segment with Mitchell Cohen on the dangers of allowing genetically engineered trees. And more!

karen koenig

Can you outsmart your bad habits? – Energy Stew interview with Karen Koenig – 03.06.15

We all have certain habits that we know we’ve got to kick. What life skills can help us overcome them?
It’s always best to stay on top of our lives and be sure to make the most out of them. There are many bad habits that can sabotage our productiveness and even our health.

Probably one of the most common is how we eat. Certainly over-drinking and smoking are self-destructive. There are many absorbing computer games and maybe we just get lost on the web and surf ourselves into oblivion.

Karen Koenig can help us get a hold of ourselves and make better choices. Her latest book, “Outsmarting Overeating” is loaded with opportunities to readjust our lives and be happier for it.


Expat Files – 03.06.15

-Some words about the recent hacking issues at PRN and the mega-spam issues at my ExpatWisdom.com website   -How does the Latin news media report first-world breaking news events?  Do they have their own roving reporters on the spot in Cleveland and Atlanta out to get the Latin angle? Not likely. Yes, there are Latin foreign correspondents in the states …


Leid Stories – 03.05.15

Venezuela In Crisis: Chavez Coup 2.0 in the Making? Each day the news out of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, it seems, gets worse. A shattered economy, out-of-control inflation, pervasive food shortages and mounting protests in the streets have kept President Nicolás Maduro on edge and on the defensive putting out fires since taking the country’s helm after the death …


The Mark Riley Show – 03.04.15

In Congress, Netanyahu faults bad deal on Iran Nuclear program. Or…..Bibi goes to Washington. Aside from what the president said, which was that the Israeli PM’s speech contained nothing new, you might want to ask yourself what his actual solution is. A nation that has nukes (but won’t admit it) wants no negotiations at all to stop another country from getting them. Remember, Bibi said Iran was days away from the bomb more than 20 years ago…