Free Your Mind Friday

Leid Stories – 03.31.15

Talking Things Out: It’s “Free Your Mind” Tuesday! Well, we’re making up for “Free Your Mind Fridays” that didn’t happen while PRN’s technological innards were being unscrambled, reassembled and installed. So, welcome to “Free Your Mind Tuesday!” Different day of the week, yes, but the same vibe. Bring your best ideas and opinions to the best open forum on the …


The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – TPP and TAFTA- The Dangers of Fast Tracking International Trade Agreements – 03.31.15

Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN,, interviews Mr. Ken Snyder. Ken is an Occupational Therapist, Massage Therapist and Medical and Healthcare Advocate. He has worked with people having a wide variety of healthcare needs including, in-patient psychiatry and substance abuse, adults with developmental delays and multiple physical handicaps in residential and day program settings, children with learning challenges in public schools …

Greg Louganis

Smart Show – 03.30.15

4-time gold Medal Olympic diver, Greg Louganis, talks about his life and legacy, living with AIDS. Greg is being honored at a big AIDS-services fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

The Fire Turtles – Second city rock band plays banned rock songs from the 1950s.

project censored

Project Censored – 03.31.15

Mickey Huff interviews Nolan Higdon regarding his recent series “Justice for Sale,” a Project Censored investigative report on prison privatization. Then we hear highlights from a recent speech by former Black Panther Charlotte O’Neal, aka “Mama C.”

Nolan Higdon is a college history instructor in the San Francisco Bay area. Charlotte O’Neal was a member of the Black Panther Party in Kansas City in the the 1960s. Today she operates a school and community center in Tanzania.


Women’s Rights in the Workplace – Bullying – 03.30.15

Are you suffering from severe workplace bullying?  Join Jack Tuckner and Deborah O’Rell as they visit with Professor David Yamada, a tenured Professor of Law and Founding Director of the New Workplace Institute at Suffolk University Law School in Boston.  Professor Yamada is an internationally recognized authority on the legal aspects of workplace bullying, and he is author of model …


Oregonians Are ‘Mad as Hell’ About Trade Deals That Threaten Their Food Supply

In the 1976 film “Network,” a news anchor, played by the late actor Peter Finch, urges his television audience to open their windows and shout the infamous phrase, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” According to people I’ve talked to on the ground in Oregon, that may be something close to what many residents …


Why on Earth Did the Feds Approve a High-Pressure Gas Pipeline Near a Nuke Plant?

A gas explosion leveled two buildings in New York’s East Village this past week, with two neighboring structures damaged, one still at risk for collapse, and 22 people injured, four of them severely. The fire raged from early afternoon into the next morning with more than 250 firefighters responding. Just over a year ago, a gas explosion leveled two buildings …