Project Censored – Ralph Nader Live on his new Book Return to Sender – 05.12.15

Consumer advocate and political reformer Ralph Nader speaks with Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff about his latest book “Return to Sender: Unanswered Letters to the President 2001-2015;” the conversation covers topics from trade treaties and Democratic presidential candidates, to Gaza, Israel and AIPAC. In the second half of the program, we hear excerpts from a 2014 Nader speech, where he explored the idea of a left-right alliance against the corporate domination of government.


Global Research News Hour – The End of Journalism in Ukraine. A Feature interview with Anatoly Sharij – 05.11.15

Continuing with coverage of Ukraine on the anniversary of the May 2, 2014 Odessa massacre, we hear an interview with Anatoly Sharij, a high profile Ukrainian journalist forced to flee the country in 2012 and now based in Lithuania. He has found himself targetted for his success in posting critical videos of the Ukrainian government line, and exposing the lies put out by the Ukrainian media.
In this exclusive interview, conducted with the assistance of Winnipeg-based Russian-Canadian Konstantin Goulich, we hear about the extent to which true journalism in Ukraine has been suppressed and replaced by pure propaganda, the reasons why skepticism, even of some critical voices of the Kiev regime is needed, and echoes of a past repressive period in history of the region.


Warrior Connection – 05.10.15

During May 10 warrior Connection Denise and Doug discussed last weeks Va research Advisory board meeting and round table discussion with a bunch of vets, hot line investigation under U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (DC 202 224-5274 or Miami 305-536-5999) , and DoD admission hot line for chemical exposures. ODS, OIF OEF OND VETS SHOULD CALL ARMY HOT LINE AT 800 497 6261 if they think they were exposed to ensure medical care and notify their va or civilian primary care physician.

Expat Files – 05.10.15

-Seems like everyone who’s been any kind of traveller at all occasionally checks in with the “Trip Advisor”. If you don’t know what the Trip Advisor is then you probably live in your basement. So today we have some comments, the pros and cons of using (and trusting) it as a free public service. Remember, you usually get what you pay for(including this show!)

-How “Trip Advisor”, big retirement magazines websites and vacation bloggers have slowly but surely put Roatan, Honduras smack on the gringo tourist trail. It’s not a good thing by any means. Adios Roatan! Formerly one of the best inexpensive, secret island paradise getaways. Guess we won’t be vacationing there anymore!

Rose Banks

A Just Cause Radio – Church’s Religious Rights Violated – Part III – 05.10.15

he host talks with our guest Pastor Rose Banks of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She along with others will share with our listenening audience how the Church and some of its member’s religious rights were violated by the gov’t, who obtained their banking records without subpoenas, harrassed members on their jobs, showed up at their homes and questioned their neighbors while conducting a Federal investigation against the IRP6 in Colorado, who are all serving 7-11 years each in prison for mail/wire-fraud, a crime they didn’t commit!