The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – 05.19.15

Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN,, interviews Dr. Perry Frankel, MD. Dr. Perry Frankel is a Board Certified Cardiologist and Lipidologist. Dr. Frankel has been in practice since 1991 and he has served as the Director of a major Echocardiogram & Vascular Ultrasound Laboratory since 1996. He is a recognized national speaker on topics including hyperlipidemia and hypertension. He is also a multi-state diagnostician. Dr. Frankel is a graduate of the Sackler School of Medicine, where he was valedictorian of his graduating class. He was Chief Medical Resident at Long Island Jewish Hospital before going into private practice in He founded Advanced Cardiovascular Diagnostics in 2008. Dr. Frankel is affiliated with St. Francis Hospital (Roslyn, NY), Long Island Jewish/North Shore Health Systems (New Hyde Park, NY) and Jupiter Medical Center (Jupiter, FL). He is Director of Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound at ACD and Heart2Heart. Dr. Frankel specializes in using low risk, non invasive cost effective techniques, to assess and treat cardiovascular and overall health issues. Contact:!dr-perry-frankel/c14rd


It’s All About Food – Del Sroufe & Laura Simonson – 05.19.15

Part I: Del Sroufe, China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook
Del Sroufe has worked in vegan and vegetarian kitchens for more than twenty-three years, most recently as chef and co-owner of Wellness Forum Foods, a plant-based meal delivery and catering service that emphasizes healthy, minimally processed foods. He teaches cooking classes and is the author of Better Than Vegan and Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook. He has also contributed recipes to Food Over Medicine by Dr. Pam Popper and Glen Merzer.

Part II: Laura Simonson, Plant Powered Dogs
Laura Simonson is a woman on a Mission From Dog. Cherishing all-things dogs so much, she was given the handle, ‘The Doggess’.

Professionally, Laura has been described as the “intersection where business meets soul”. For over 27 years, her diverse experience includes successful careers in natural health and plant-based diet coaching, fitness training specialist, keynote speaking, personal development course development, event planning, marketing, sales (real estate and corporate), design and brand consulting, network marketing, real estate management, and small business networking.

Today, Laura is a social entrepreneur and founder of Indogo Plant-Powered Dogs, Modern Vegan Family, Don’t Forget Fido (Blog and Online Community) and most recently a Co-organizer of the new VEGAN Vancouver. She also champions and supports vegan businesses and organizations whose bottom lines are steeped in social or spiritual evolution, and is on a peace-filled mission to disrupt the ordinary, average, status quo through plant-powered living and inspiration for all.


Nature Bats Last – 05.19.15

We are honored to interview Derrick Jensen this week. Jensen has been hailed as the “poet-philosopher of the ecological movement” by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. His scholarly efforts have produced Endgame, The Culture of Make Believe, A Language Older than Words, and nearly two dozen other books.
Plus at least two new Breaking Hopium segments and a climate update!


Infectious Myth – Who Gets Free Expression? – 05.19.15

In Episode 59 David discusses freedom of expression, not just freedom of speech, but even the freedom to carry a gun. David chooses examples from the new YouTube-inspired phenomenon of FHITP used to sandbag interviews by female reporters, the right to openly carry a gun, the censorship of Gary Null by KPFA in Berkeley, and the response to Seymour Hersh’s new article claiming that just about everything we’ve been told about the Osama Bin Laden raid is false.


Leid Stories – 05.19.15

The U.S. and A World of Trouble: From the Inside Out, From the Outside In

Diplomatic scholar, historian, attorney and prolific author Dr. Gerald Horne discusses U.S. foreign policies under President Barack Obama and their global and domestic impact.

Today’s focus includes trade and money wars; how China has redefined the axis of economic power; ISIS and U.S. Gulf strategies, and a clarion call in Africa for total integration.

Horne is the John J. and Rebecca Moores chair of history and African American studies at the University of Houston. He also teaches graduate courses in diplomatic history. He has written more than 30 books, and more than 100 scholarly papers and reviews, on struggles against imperialism, colonialism, fascism and racism.


Project Censored – 05.19.15

Historian Peter Kuznick joins the program to speak about vital historical information that often isn’t taught in US schools, such as the massive death toll of the Vietnam War, or the predominant role of the USSR in the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II. Peter Kuznick teaches history at American University; he’s co-author of “Untold History of the United States,” and co-producer (with Oliver Stone) of the Untold History cable-TV series. The program concludes with audio excerpts from the Untold History TV series.


Ask Beatty – 05.18.15

Beatty talked about the importance of patients taking an active role in and out of the therapist’s office if they expect that their psychotherapy experiences will be successful. She also discussed how we all must be true to ourselves despite what others think. And finally, she outlined different types of relationships that people have including: equal/equal, parent/child, rescuer/rescue. What’s your deal?


Smart Show – 05.18.15

Sean McElwee to discuss Sean’s Opinion article for Al Jazeera America on Obamacare and the 2016 Presidential race. saying 2016 DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES NEED TO EMBRACE OBAMACARE
· …. and how the left should learn to love Affordable Care Act, a landmark extension of the welfare state. He writes, “The Affordable Care Act is probably the most progressive policy Americans born after the Great Society will witness in their lifetimes. It has saved tens of thousands of Americans from premature death and has already insured more than 12 million people. It has already defined Barack Obama’s legacy and will inevitably be at the center of the 2016 election. So why do so many on the left despise it?” Read more here: