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Insight – 04.02.15

Persons in wheelchairs are now experiencing utter fredom on the sea atop of modified paddle boards. Mark speaks with Kawika Watt, founder of Onit Ability Boards and discovers how this affable native Hawaiian surfer conceived a method that’s empowering countess disabled wanna be paddle boarders to leave their wheelchairs and achieve all new levels of freedom and confidence through the …


This Can’t Be Happening – 04.01.15

Harold Wanless, a leading climatologist and geologist based at the University of Miami, returns to the “This Can’t Be Happening!” program after a year to revisit his claim that global warming and sea level rise are going to be much more dramatic than the consensus predictions of the UN Climate Committee, NASA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and other groups.

Mark Riley Show

The Mark Riley Show – 04.01.15

Guests: Prof. Arthur Leonard, Professor of Law, NY Law School, Andrew Rosario, sports reporter, Arise TV. Lead Story: Religious bills upset capitols in Arkansas and Indiana. Both states are now scrambling to explain and amend laws they allowed to become law. Is this because of public outrage, or because business communities in both states got upset? It’s an important distinction.


NDC Savings Club – 04.01.15

Today Show: Vaccine Safety and the Right to Informed Consent Guest Speaker: Sue Collins Co-Founder of (NJ-AICV) New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination Founded in the spring of 1999, the NJ-AICV New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination consists of volunteer parents and individuals who monitor vaccine legislation in New Jersey focusing on vaccine safety and the right …

Free Your Mind Friday

Leid Stories – 04.01.15

Talk It Out Some More: It’s “Free Your Mind” Wednesday! More making up for lost time on Leid Stories today, with “Free Your Mind Wednesday.” Here’s your chance to get your two cents in about major issues or something that wasn’t even on the radar screen. Be part of the most scintillating community conversation in the world, where peer education …